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  1. How are you enjoying the VHL universe so far? What is your favourite NHL team? Any goals or targets for this season? How did you find out about the site? Do you play in any other sim leagues? Favourite pregame meal?
  2. So far my VHL career has been a slow and steady climb, mirroring the progression of the New York Americans. S63 was a learning experience, where we found our way blindly throughout most of the season. There were a lot of hard lessons, but learnt a lot of humility after our past successes Season 2 in S64 we took a small step ahead, improving all over the ice. We still weren't much of a threat to anyone, but weren't rolling over for any games anymore. The offseason saw many big moves made to try to compete for a playoff spot. I also worked very hard to improve and keep pace with all the new talent that was brought in. And this brings us to just being over halfway through S65. The Americans are in the playoff hunt and are hungry to make the second season. No one is really blowing anyone away, but its been a quiet and efficient season so far. My own season hasn't been great, offensively I've taken a step back, but I continue to do the little things to help us win. I'm working hard to keep getting better to get us over the hump and hopefully regain my scoring touch.
  3. Wow. 2 points in a game? Probably a season high for Wilinsky. NYA G keeps rolling. @Esso2264 is a thug
  4. @Yusuf Abdul-Latif this rookie profile needs to be 500 words minimum
  5. Use my second set of answers please. Got top friendly with the submit button the first time
  6. My day is much better when I don't think about Calgary in general. So maybe not irrelevant, just ignored
  7. What idiots picked Dan Wilinsky? Should be disqualified for that ineptitude
  8. Total season attendance? Or average empty seats per game