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  1. 1. What are your thoughts on the Bears winning the cup? It was an expected win, but still felt good nonetheless. 2. What was the biggest surprise of the playoffs? How poorly Marsh played. I was definitely expecting a far better perm 3. How do you think @Jubisand the CGY LR felt after losing a 3-1 series lead? LOL Bad. Real Bad. Nothing against him, but I am always happy when Calgary bites it. three questions from me 1. Who is the surprise of the VHL early on? 2. Why is Bana the best GM the VHL has ever seen? 3. Can Seattle get back on track and
  2. Great win Bears! Champs once again! Let’s do it again next season
  3. Been a bit since I wrote about my player so here goes. It’s been a much improved sophomore campaign for Randy Marsh as he continues his VHL journey. Seemingly improving by the day, he is crushing his rookie marks and becoming a solid defender and offensive contributor. One piece of his game that came well defined even before his rookie year, was his fighting skills. But it appears most pros are afraid to get into any altercations with him for fear of being beaten badly. With 1 fight win and 4 draws, it’s clear opposing players are doing their best to avoid him
  4. 1. Where do you see yourself being drafted? (What round and team) 2. Have you had some good conversations with GMs on where you’d fit in a lineup and how they’d plan to develop you? 3. Are there any teams you don’t want to go to? 4. What are your thoughts on your season to this point? 5. Any strange or fascinating rituals you have before game time? 6. Who is your favourite teammate and why?
  5. 19. You have to fire a commish. Which one are you tossing to the curb? Beaviss. Get them Canucks fans out of here. 20. You are hired as dictator of the league. What is the first thing you will do? Boot all the blues back to normal members. Get some new blood at the top. 21. Make a bold prediction for this season. Make it ballsy but make sure it happens. Most of the awards will be popularity contests and not about anything they do on the ice. 22. Which Bear will be the biggest factor for the Bears this season? Rayz Funk. Guy has to be amazing 23. What is something you m
  6. https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/16251-season-21-ecfa-heroes-conference-playoffs-game-one/&do=findComment&comment=247179 EFL theme week +6
  7. 13. What team places 1st in NA? Seattle, duh. We tha Bearz and we tha best 14. What team places 1st in EU? RIga? I haven't looked, but they usually seem to be good 15. Any predictions on the two finalist teams? Who wins the cup? Same as above. With Seattle winning out of course 16. If you had to relocate a VHLM team, which would it be? Mexico City? I dunno, they all seem good 17. What city should get a VHL team next? why? Edmonton or Rio di Janiero or however it's spelled 18. What team should get a VHLM team next? why? Banff. Beautiful place for a hockey team
  8. mmmmmm no. Bacon on an english muffin
  9. 7. If you had to pick any player as a lifeline on a game show, who would you pick and why? TAG THEM. @MMFLEX he’s my boy and I know he’d have my back and a right answer 8. If your player had to swap professional sports, what else would they play and why? MMA. He’s already a wonderful fighter, so it would be a perfect switch. 9. Does your player have any superstitions? Bono is a number 2 for a reason. 10. How do you think the Bears do this season? I think after last seasons disappointing end, we come back and win the cup. 11. What player do you think will win MVP? Rayz F
  10. 1. What are your thoughts on Riga winning the cup? I saw a graphic with Riga as the Oilers, so I can approve that. And Calgary didn’t win. So double win. 2. What did @Jubis use to wipe away the tears of being so close, but once again, so far away of winning the cup? His Wranglers teddy bear 3. What are your thoughts on the Draft? Did anything surprise you? Didn’t watch it. That part was not surprising. 4. What are your thoughts on the Bears drafting @MexicanCow123? It’s cool. He’s my old AGM in Vegas. 5. Should we trade @Rayzor_7 We should make fillers a thing in the VHL
  11. TBH, I’ve never been disappointed in any movie that starts out like this...