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  1. 44. What are your plans for the weekend? Building a path from my house to my garage 47. Who is your favourite band/artist? Alexisonfire. For sure 48. What song is currently your #1? Post? Its not super new. But still great Asking 3. Will Seattle go on a run of championships like the past? Sushi. Good or Bad? Who is your MLB team?
  2. 1. While we currently sit in last place in the league, we're only three points out of the playoffs. Will the Nighthawks make the post-season? Hope so. That should be the goal at least 2. Nikolas DAndrea is still looking for his first goal of the season. When will he light the lamp? Game 71. Book it 3. Which team do you consider our biggest European rival this season and why? Helstinky. Sweden and Finland don't mesh well 4. Malmo leading scorer and ladies' man Chris Hylands is on pace for this third consecutive 100-point season. Predict his final stat line! 71-71-142 5. We a
  3. Gotta love that old time hockey
  4. 31. What are your plans for the upcoming weekend? Dewinterize my toy hauler. Probably play some far cry as well 32. Do you have any plans this year for Easter? Wife is making a ham dinner. 33. When you think of Easter, what is one good memory that comes to mind for you? Family dinners when my dad was still alive 34. The Easter bunny brought the Bears some "stuff"? What did it bring? Marshall Frostbeard @FrostBeard Lucky Bears 35. @gregreg proposed a change to Easter. Instead of a bunny, he wants a _____ that delivers them. What other things did he want ____ to do? Example,
  5. And a penalty too. Just needed a fight for a Marsh hat trick
  6. I know I’m rarely around anymore, but good to see that my 1+ seasons as VHLM GM and subsequent loss of big time interest in the VHL, may not have been just a problem with me lol
  7. 13. Thoughts on adding @Grant's player in the draft? Solid move. Can't wait to meet him 14. Thoughts on adding @Kendrick player in the draft? Great addition. We're gonna be a dominant force with these new additions 15. Which team had the biggest off-season? Seattle of course 16. Were you surprised by all the GM's stepping down? Who would you hire? Rayz, IR and Flex would be my top 3. But VHL goes with the in crowd I guess 17. Thoughts on the Bears off-season? Best onne of all time in my opinion 18. What are your expectations for you this season? Another Championship
  8. 7. @Toast @aksuko @drewowo are all coming up to the VHL from the VHLM. Any words of advice or encouragement? Get ready to be part of the best VHL organization.... ever 11. @Jayrad28 retired from VHL/Da Bears due to some fairly serious, private real life things. We love him. We support him. The team sent him well wishes. What was it??? A big bouquet of flowers with little bears all over 12. @Velevra We couldn't quite get Jensen the cup we wanted, but probably further than Davos! The Bears got him a retirement gift. What was it?? A puppy dog! maybe a rottie? Asking my own
  9. We sat down with Randy Marsh at the completion of his 5th VHL season, to reflect and look forward to the final 3 seasons. The Hockey News (THN): 5 seasons in, 1 championship, toughest man in the VHL. What’s the biggest accomplishment this far? Randy Marsh (RM): Well I excel at everything I do, so there is much to sort thru, but I suppose I’d have to go with, my undefeated run of fights. It takes plenty of training and hard work to have a run like that. Especially considering that the challengers have now started turning down my advances. I guess it means
  10. 1. What are your thoughts on the Chicago Phoenix winning the Continental Cup? Good for them. Sucks it wasn't Seattle 2. Thoughts on Mexico City Kings winning the Founders cup? Pretty cool I guess 3. Thoughts on @Beaviss stepping down? What did you get him as a "thank you" gift? A big old joint. Can get all pie eyed in his retirement 4. Which VHL GM will be the next to step down? Peace. Not sure why, just gonna throw it out there 5. Which VHLM GM will be the next to step down? Not sure who the VHLM Gms are anymore 6. Who wins the slobo award? Here! Randy Marsh. Cause wh