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  2. 1 I golfed a bunch and did some camping and sightseeing. Nothing too exciting but enjoyable 2 It's always hard losing a good teammate in Thompson, but we have to get younger at the same time and ACL Tear is a great young player. He will be a great addition. Virgil Ligriv will be a key add when he makes the team too 3 I do. We learned a lot by losing and I think we will come back stronger because of it 4 I just worked on staying in shape. I'm getting to the end of my career, trying to hang on anyway I can 5 I like it. They are good rivals to have and I'm excited to get the season started. Malmo will be more competition, just cause if the rivalry we will form from being so close 6 I'll say DC. They have a great logo
  3. I usually am a lock to finish 5th or 6th and this year I beat the entire site? Wild is an understatement
  4. http://efl.network/topic/12004-can-oregon-develop-quarterbacks/ 6
  5. Now that the dust has settled and we begin the offseason, there was some questions regarding the future of Dan Wilinsky. Fresh off a run to the Continental Cup finals, and his best season in the VHL, there had been rumors of Wilinsky retiring. "I definitely thought about it, yes. We had a great year and I had probably my best year. I felt great and its probably going to be hard to duplicate or improve on that. In the end I decided to stick around another year. We have a great team coming back this season, and I'm excited to see what we can accomplish. After that I have an option to test free agency or play another year in Helsinki. I haven't given much thought to that at all though. Maybe we will look at stepping away again then. I do want to be able to walk away feeling good and on my own terms. We will take it year by year now though. If I win a cup itll be tempting to go out on top"
  6. http://efl.network/topic/11947-s15-oregon-podcast/ 6