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  1. oilmandan

    S63 WJC Game 8: Canada vs World

    I'm so torn on this one.
  2. oilmandan

    Las Vegas Aces Press Conference

    With the trade deadline approaching, do you think that the Aces should make any more moves before then? What position should they try to upgrade. And if you answered no to the previous question, why shouldn't the Aces makes any deals? How much are you paying attention to the VHL and who has been the biggest surprise so far? The World Juniors started yesterday. Is your player involved and if not country are you cheering for? Who is your favorite NHL player?
  3. oilmandan

    VHL Predict the score (S63W5)

    Quebec 4-1
  4. oilmandan

    VHL Pickem (S63W5)

  5. oilmandan

    S63 WJC Game 6: USA vs Canada

    Go Canada
  6. oilmandan

    GM 177: HC Davos Dynamo vs. New York Americans

    2 in a row!! Can you say powerhouse??
  7. oilmandan

    GM 174: New York Americans vs. HC Davos Dynamo

    Were going streaking !!
  8. oilmandan

    Stepping out of the shadows

    The S62 World Junior Hockey Championship was a good one for Team Canada, they ran roughshod over their competition, rolling to a convincing victory in the Gold Medal final. They return 8 players and their entire coaching staff to this years edition and have to be considered one if the favourites to win it all again. One returning player is winger Dan Wilinsky. Wilinsky played as a depth forward last year with limited minutes in the medal round. He finished the tournament with 3 goals and added 3 assists in 10 games. Dan will be counted on to carry more of the offensive workload this time around, along with his New York linemates Roctrion King and Shawn Shawinganen. When asked about the tournament and the added pressure, Dan said. “ Anytime you can represent your country its a great honour. I'm definitely proud to be selected again to help this team win gold! We have a big target on our backs this year after suprising a few people last year. We need to play our best every night. Its going to be a tough tournament, lots of really great teams involved.” Dan added that if there is one team to watch other than Canada, its Team World. He thinks they have very astute management and will get 110% out of every player on their roster 224 words World Junior Hockey Championship bonus point task
  9. oilmandan

    S63 WJC Index

    lines are in, in case @Sova doesnt get them in before you sim
  10. oilmandan

    TPE: Post on other websites

    https://youtu.be/dm9bEs16KDA Oilers YouTube video
  11. oilmandan

    GM 149: New York Americans vs. Toronto Legion

    We suck again
  12. oilmandan

    S63 Team Canada WJC - Roster

    We'd have a chance with NYA G in goal. @Spade18
  13. oilmandan

    S63 Team Canada WJC - Roster

    To be fair, I said that when it didn't appear we could have beaten a team of 4 year olds