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  1. Bad outcome but lovin all the goals. The Ws will come
  2. Yea! 3 goals an apple and 6 pims. Full days work for the big dog. Let's do that more often
  3. We need something big and exciting to happen here. Someone get banned or at least suspended. Heck even a big trade would suffice 

    1. HulkHogan


      i volunteer 

  4. My work commitments really beefed up and have me working all over the province. Usually with no cell or computer access either. So kinda still around as much as life allows
  5. Not that I'm around much anymore, but in my opinion @BladeMaiden would be the best choice out of current and recent VHLM GMs and AGMs. Very dedicated to her role and does her best to make new members feel welcome. Would be another GM who fiercely defends her player, which is usually a good thing.
  6. D - Dee Fence after the great EFL star D - Roman Hammerlick D - Scott Bleedins F - Happy Gilmore F - Sidney McMarner F - Alexander Oven-chicken G - Twayne Tander G - Petrick Whaa
  7. I'm down. I think I'm over a 1000 posts. Dont care who roasts me, done various things around here
  8. 1 Why? 2 You left Dan Wilinsky for Ryan Kastelic. Did you even think twice about abandoning Wilinsky like that? 3 How does Latvia compare to New York? 4 What's your greatest New York memory? 5 Any truth to the rumour you had joined a convent in the alps? 6 Who is the dark horse to win the VHL championship this year
  9. Sail on British Bulldozer
  10. Titans have the best back end in the league. Might only be a piece away from scariest team in the league