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  1. McWolf Pepper going all S63 @TheLastOlympian07
  2. http://efl.network/topic/13560-a-quick-look-at-some-off-season-needs-in-the-efl/ 6
  3. Dan Wilinsky Randoms @TheLastOlympian07
  4. 3. What are your expectations for the team next season? Hopefully we can make the playoffs, and then get to the finals 4. What personal expectations for your player do you have next season? If I don't have a heart attack, I'll consider myself lucky 5. Which of the Malmo Nighthawks is most likely to win an award? GM of the Year. ADV is a pretty smart guy, and hes got a good plan 6. Who do you see as next seasons top points leader for the team? Phil Marleau. Guy is gonna be a stud 7. Where will Malmo end in the standings? 3rd in the European Conference 8. Will we see the Seattle Bears threepeat? Probably not. Too many moves in the offseason. They'll be good, but will take a step back
  5. http://efl.network/topic/13413-efl-championship/ +6
  6. 1. Hows it feel to be the S69 Continental Cup champions? Amazing! Nobody can take that away from us 12. What are your thoughts on @oilmandan to Malmo? Brave move. Hard to win any trade where you give up Wilinsky 15. How do you feel Seattle has handled the cap situation etc this season? Forced into a tough spot. Made the best of a bad situation 18. Should @pennypenny recreate? If he has, fuck yes. Welcome back! Yes he should. He was a colourful character. But could also hold a sane conversation too. Just not in public 20. What did you get for X-mas? I got a tv projector so I can watch tv while I’m in the hot tub. 21. Did you have a New Years Resolution? No? You don't do that dumb shit? Oh. Well, if you had to. What would it be? I’d say to be even more awesome than last year
  7. What’s the record for highest experience in a career
  8. And after seeing this, Wilinsky was promptly traded
  9. Thanks everyone in Seattle for the ‘ship. Was a wild ride even though Wilinsky was in the penalty box the entire playoffs. And to all my new teammates in Malmo, let’s go get a cup!
  10. Yes! Champions. Great job Bears. Now Wilinsky can die in peace. Great job Riga, as always. The Reign seem to be one of the last teams in it every season