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  1. oilmandan

    Simming addiction

    I understand that, but what is the rush? If it took an extra 2 weeks, would it be so bad? I know people will bitch and moan, cause that's what people do. For simplicity sake, let's say including the offseason, 1 calendar season took 3 months. Your 8 year VHL career plus say 1 in the VHLM takes 27 months. 2 years and 3 months. If you rush it along as it is now, say again for simplicity, you subtract 2 weeks per whole season. That's only 4.5 months you've saved. In my mind not a big deal. It seems like very recently that I joined, and that I'm still a very new member, yet I'm in my 3rd season already (1 VHLM, 2 VHL)
  2. oilmandan

    VHL NHL 19 EASHL Club (PS4)

    You bet. I'll be on all evening
  3. oilmandan

    Simming addiction

    Why is there so much pressure to sim every day? I for one enjoy the break during the offseason. It gives everyone a chance to breathe and take a step back briefly. And it seems to be getting more and more that people are clamouring and complaining if sims aren't done in a lightning fast fashion. I know the EFL runs differently cause there are much few games, but I get excited on game day. When they sim the EFL and NCAA games it's an event. I find during the middle of the season here, you get the dog days and it drags on. You check the box scores leave a comment and go on your way. Would it be possible and realistic to have your 5-10 games simmed per team a week, but have one chosen at the game of the week? I'm not sure how in depth STHS is for stats and such, but if you had a presenter, you could send them a copy of the sim and have them post parts of the game such as penalties, goals and such, and have them comment on what's going on. You could also do your build up before the game and make it exciting. Say something like this. 18:05 left in the third period. The Americans lead Davos 3-2, and are headed back to the power play. So far they are 3-6 and have been unstoppable. Shots are 23-19 Davos and NYA G has stood on his head, most of the night. He was a sieve in the first, allowing both goals on 6 shots. Etc etc etc Just a thought to make things exciting and maybe get people to ease off the crack addiction for constant simming. Everyone has a life outside of what goes on here, and it's ok if sims aren't done on a strict schedule
  4. oilmandan

    Oh my god

    I'll make sure to deny every claim dill makes. That's what I'm supposed to get out of this, correct?
  5. oilmandan

    Canada is the best

    The WJC are upon us once again and like most years, team Canada is a heavy favourite to take home the gold medal. This would give them 3 straight titles. On paper this is clear, as well as in the sheer number of people that picked Canada to win with a single tpe on the line. Dan Wilinsky was part of the past two winning teams, playing a bottom 6 role in S62 and the making the tournament all star team in S63. S64 presents more fresh faces and eager users, hoping their players put on a show, in what is my favourite tournament of all. Canada will obviously win again. They have the deepest pool of players to choose from by a mile and as they say Canada is hockey and hockey is Canada. Many of the players who didnt make this edition of Team Canada ended up on Team World. Canada has so much depth, they could likely form two or three teams and finish 1-2. Maybe this year one of the other nations puts a dent in Canada's armour and takes top spot, but it will merely be a blip in history, and the history of Canadian hockey domination.
  6. oilmandan

    Welfare / Pension (January 14th - January 20th)

    http://efl.network/topic/9235-michigan-hoping-history-repeats-itself/ +6 EFL
  7. oilmandan

    VHL NHL 19 EASHL Club (PS4)

    Depends on when you play games. I'd be up for it.
  8. oilmandan

    S64 WJC Fantasy Prediction

    God hates a coward
  9. oilmandan

    S64 WJC Fantasy Prediction

    True but last year I think the USA had the best team on paper and the year before it was Europe by a mile. Yet Canada won. It's just what Canada does. TBH I have yet to look at all the rosters, but I just know
  10. oilmandan

    S64 WJC Fantasy Prediction

    Is there any debate? Hockey is Canada. Canada is hockey. Just give us all 1 tpe now and we can move on.
  11. oilmandan

    Danny Boy

    Pool Party!