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  1. 1 I like the area, I've found myself enjoying coffee much more and Seattle is the place for coffee. The rain is unfortunate but thats ok 2 I wanted to hear a few offers before deciding, Seattle had that headstart and made a good pitch. It came down to two teams in the end and was a very close race 3 it's a great honour. I dont feel I'm that good but I'll definitely take it 4 I feel like my entire career has been a disappointment, so this is nothing new 5 Vancouver seems to have our number, definitely need to avoid them 6 love the idea of a crossover. Its important to get the best teams in the playoffs every year.
  2. Why not just scale things back a bit and have 3 for welfare and 4 for pension. With trivia, press conferences and VHL.com it's still easy to hit 9 tpe.
  3. 1 I said yay me. Someone is still willing to pay me money to suck at hockey. 2 I was actually surprised how many teams were interested in signing Wilinsky. He may have big tpe, but he's underperformed his whole career 3 Davos. Feel bad for them but maybe brighter days are ahead. They and New York got hurt badly with all the expansions 4 Joel Ylonen. He's been a good team player and deserves the accolades 5 Alex Pepper. he's been a good soldier for Helsinki for his whole career. 6 Move a team to Siberia. just because
  4. http://efl.network/topic/12767-herds-draft-and-free-agency-outlook/