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  1. oilmandan

    Wanted: VHLM Expansion GM

    Dan Wilinsky Cochrane Warhawks Neon Green, black and silver If I am not in consideration for the Oslo AGM job I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring for the new franchise. I love managing and setting lines and finding the best team possible. I've been a successful gm in metrohockey. Just started a rebuild there. Also have managed teams on madden and NHL, and all that
  2. oilmandan

    Oslo Storm GM (VHLM)

    I'd be open to being assistant GM. I once turned the buffalo Sabres into back to back Stanley cup champs in NHL 16 or 17. I'd like to be an assistant just so I can get a feel of what I'm doing
  3. oilmandan

    S63 LIVE Draft Class Rankings

    Haha that's how badly I want it
  4. oilmandan

    S63 LIVE Draft Class Rankings

    Wanna hit 200 asap
  5. oilmandan

    S63 LIVE Draft Class Rankings

    Wanna hit 200 asap
  6. oilmandan

    S63 LIVE Draft Class Rankings

    Wanna hit 200 asap
  7. oilmandan

    S62 VHLM Achievement Tracker

    Youd get more by switching your goals for +/-
  8. Ottawa Lynx 48-18-5 The regular season comes to its conclusion tonight as the Ottawa Lynx travel to Saskatoon to take on the Wild. Its been a thrilling ride so far for the club, they've mostly held steady in third place in the VHLM. Halifax and Las Vegas hold 9 and 4 points leads respectively. They both play Yukon to wrap up their campaigns. GM Diamond_Ace says he's been happy with how the season has progressed and while he had hoped to finish first in the division, he feels confident about the teams chances in the playoffs. The last week has seen some major upheaval in terms of packing order in team scoring. The second highest scoring team in the league is now led by 40 goal man Dan Wilinsky who has had a fire lit under him since being moved to centre on the second line. Roctrion King has provided steady offense all season with 39 goals. Another rookie Chace Trepanier has passed the 30 goal mark with 33. Lando Baxter was far and away the leading point getter on the back end with 21 goals 66 assists and 87 points. He led the way in both assists and points. Two of the top prospects for the upcoming VHL draft Joseph McWolf and Ryan Kastelic provided stellar defense together and look to be solid picks to whoever chooses them. In goal Kallis Kriketers has been resting for the playoffs. He finished the year with 45 wins, an .896 save percentage and a 2.10 goals against average. Rookie Milan Baros has played each of the last four games and is slated as the starter again tonight. He has 3 wins and a shootout loss. The Lynx seem ready to rumble in the league playoffs, they are healthy, motivated and look confident in their group. They'll start off on the road but they've managed to assemble a 21-11-3 record away from home. They will be ready to go in any way. Go Lynx.
  9. oilmandan

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    2. An app would be very cool. I'd imagine it would take a lot of extra work and money, but I think it would streamline things for the average user. I do most of my stuff on my phone or tablet so I see the benefit. But I may be in the minority. 4. My aims and goals this far into the season are to finish the regular season real strong and then bring home a founders cup of Ottawa. Were a great team and pretty much unstoppable once we put it all together. I also want to rack up as many tpe as I can before the draft 5. Unfortunately i think it may be Halifax. They've led wire to wire to this point and they're confident and ready.
  10. oilmandan

    S62 VHLM Achievement Tracker

    Dan Wilinsky Forward Points +/- rating
  11. oilmandan

    The Pod Cast Show - Episode 10

    Thanks for the shout out. Keep up the good work
  12. oilmandan

    VHL Predict the score (S62W6)

    bears 4-2
  13. oilmandan

    VHL Pickem (S62W6)

    bears dynamo reign wranglers
  14. oilmandan

    GM 192: Halifax 21st vs. Ottawa Lynx

    Oh God. I feel a "random" drug test comingšŸ¤¢