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Who's gonna miss the playoffs?


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I was thinking about doing power rankings, but that's too much effort. Instead of talking about every team, I'll just talk about the bad teams. Only six teams miss the playoffs, so you have to be pretty bad to not make it. That being said, here are the worst teams.


European Conference

First and foremost, Helsinki is the worst team in the league. They are obviously missing the playoffs, and they know it. And they don't care. They have five first round picks in the next two drafts, so they should have a future to look forward to. Aside from them, my other two guesses would be Moscow and London. Moscow doesn't seem like they have much of a chance at playoffs, but London I could see maybe being the 5th team if they exceed expectations and Tater Tot vastly outplays Ajay Krishna all season. The rest of Warsaw's team is probably too good to miss the playoffs, though, and every other team in the conference has a good goalie and at least good enough forwards and defensemen.


North American Conference

Vancouver is an easy one. After them, maybe New York and DC? Neither of those two have great forwards beyond one or two guys, and the Dragons have one of the weaker goaltenders in the conference. Los Angeles also has depth issues, and Toronto fell well short of my expectations of them last season. At the end of the day, I think I'll go with DC and LA to miss. I don't think Groovy Dude will be enough to carry the Dragons, and I'm biased towards New York. Ah, no, I think the Stars are better as a whole. They'll finish ahead of New York. And Toronto just looks better than both of them so even with their struggles last season, I expect them to be better.

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