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(S80) C - LTrain9, TPE: 66


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Hey there, @Lane I’m thadthrasher, the General Manager of the San Diego Marlins. We are need of a few centers, and would love to add you to our dynamic roster.


I’d be happy to show you around and help you build a great player. 

If you are interested, quote this and say #MarlinsTerritory!

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Hello Lane.  My name is Gaikoku-hito and I’m the Assistant General Manager of the Yukon Rush.


The Yukon Rush won the Founder’s Cup in the last season and most of the core is gone from the Championship team. We are more then pleased to have you fill into the new look Rush. To start your career in the VHLM we are offering you top two line mintues.


While the Rush are currently rebuilding we are a team focused on giving an unforgettable locker room experience. You will meet many different managers from around the world with one thing in common; Hockey. We are here to help you learn about the league and show you the path to success.


Dawn the Jersey and Feel the Rush!!


If the Rush feel like a good fit for your player, quote my post and reply with #FeelTheRush. Doing this will signify that you want to join the Rush, we will send your player a contract offer and get in touch about joining the teams locker room on Discord.


Regardless of what team you choose, I hope you enjoy your time in the VHL!!

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Welcome to the VHL, I'm the General Manager of the Ottawa Lynx and we are currently looking for a center to play third line minutes but you could find yourself with more ice-time depending on our strategy. We have a chill locker room, you'll have hardworking teammates and my assistant and myself would love to help you become a star. Right now the team isn't at the top of the standings but if the Lynx can add a little more firepower I think our current active core could really do some damage down the road!


If you are interested in joining us in Ottawa let me know by quoting this message and/or posting our hashtag.. #GOLYNXGO :)




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