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MVP Skovsgard


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i am now have sixteen wins in eighteen game and better than every goalie in vhlm league. There will be no point if i have stay in vhlm next season so i am go try my best to hit 175 tpe before season 40 begin because I want starting job. I no want anymore losses so I can be a complete winner. I have no seen stat closely but am think I can be mvp this season if I keep up my play since i am best player in my position. They should actually just have hand me award since no one come even close. to my greatness. I bet i am go first overall in vhl draft and be greatest player to ever play for that organization. truth I really want to go to team that can be kind of competitive when i play for them and not complete rebuild but that probably will not happen. kurtis hunter is good player and active in locker room so GM should have take note and draft high. Richardson and Slavador are best partners in entire league and I think this year Saskatoon can have make splash at playoff time. I am MVP of season already.

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Well I can tell you by making the jump to the VHL right away after getting 175 TPE you may not have much success at first. It's a hard position when the TPE is low

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