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Player-Agent to Recreate After Zamora?


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Player-Agent to Recreate After Zamora?

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Probably not, but it's been a fun time riding the Davos train over the past few seasons. Zamora has found a niche for timely scoring and a stout two-way game. Although he will likely never be recognized for any awards, his attributes and overall style fits almost perfectly with the Dynamo. More importantly, he will have an opportunity over the next few years to do something none of player-agent frescoelmo's clients have done; win two titles. Tarik Saeijs, longed for stardom, hardly came close as his Riga Reign were never able to get over the Davos hump. Emerson Byer managed to squeak one out during his shortened career, which remains to be somewhat of a mystery as to why he left the game in the midst of his prime. Zamora will grind it out for the full eight seasons, hoping that he can make the final ascent to a plateau none of frescoelmo's clients have been. Regardless, when his tale comes to an end, who knows what will happen with the frescoelmo agency? Maybe starting a tapas bar.

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