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Warsaw is on FIRE


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As the AGM of Warsaw I feel the need to hype my team up a bit with the great recent success the team has been having. 


To start it off right away, Askarov was the best move we have made all season. A 619 TPA goaltender compared to our now backup 457 TPA goaltender is a huge difference, and the stats do not lie. Askarov has helped the team to a 19-3-2 record since being traded to Warsaw... that is a 4 wins every 5 games, absolutely mental. He is 6th in the league for Save % and 7th in the league for GAA which is pretty damn good I would say. Warsaw was dying for some help in net and we finally got it.


The rest of team has been lighting up since the trade as well. Not having to worry about the man between the pipes must be a huge weight off of the players shoulders. Dear and Lamb no surprise are in the top 10 for forwards points. Grachev and Hylands are in the top 5 for defenceman points. And Trunov is 6th in the league for rookies. The rest of the team has had great success too with points as Reynolds, Glass, Strauss, and Waters all sit at more than a point per game. Another thing to mention is that 6 players have 20 or more goals which is awesome to see the variety in goal scorers.


I am really proud of what this team is doing right now and how well they have bounced back from a very average first half of the season (Had the same wins and losses for a while). This is most likely Warsaw's final year to win a cup for a while as a rebuild looks very possible so I am really routing for this squad to succeed one last time.

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