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  1. BOGDAN TRUNOV SCOUTING REPORT C - #88 2.10.2003 - 20 years old Height: 5' 10" Weight:150 lb Nationality: Russian Born: Kursk, Russia Current Team: Ottawa Lynx Bogdan Trunov was picked #49 in the S77 VHLM Draft. Small expectations threw off the weight of responsibility and prospect started play in bottom six. San Diego russian center spent his first regular season not good at all. Throughout the half of the season he was going pretty good , showing the positive results for the guy from 3rd/4th line, scoring a point in 3-4 games. Then he had 8 games in a
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    Welcome to the family! @Charlie
  4. This is my last conference as Marlin. Thank you San Diego! 1. I am going to take a break to devote myself in video editing, also Stanley Cup is beginning so playoff hype 2. Ye, I have some chances to be drafted a really good team that can help in developing 3.I am happy to be a part of this battle It was my first playoff experience and it's absolutely amazing 4. The entire 1st round is my fav moment It was the first time when I saw that my player can really play hockey lmao 5. Big Mac 6. Probably I will visit my brother in St. Petersburg
  5. 1. Go Marlins Go! 2. The series tied up. We still have chances to pass first round 3. I assume everyone can take the cup 4. Unfortunately I failed the end if the season 5. @Juice hurry up 6. No, i didn't. I'm sure I didn't deserve personal awards
  6. Before the start of the playoffs I had a chance to get this autograph from my homie @dlamb. First of many.
  7. I'm so happy, it will be my first playoff experience. Not bad at all, at least i have almost positive +/- and have some points for 3rd line C No doubt i need to work on puck handling, it's my week point and i do my best improve this aspect Can't wait to try myself LET'S GOOOOOOO Of course, i play less in EHM