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Oskar Kiprusoff Junior Review


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Oskar Kiprusoff's Junior Review: "It Was Meant To Be"





"A picture of Oskar and his teammates celebrating after tying a close and important game against the LIIGA's Lahti Pelicans."



Legends never die. Miikka Kiprusoff, legendary goalie for the Calgary Flames of the NHL, one of their best of all time. His son, Oskar, hopes to continue his legacy on the ice, but in a different league, and a different environment. Born in Calgary, raised in Finland, Oskar chose to take on a similar path of life to his father’s. He played youth hockey in his hometown of Turku, Finland. After he dominated in his local league, he decided to step it up to U18 with TPS Turku Jr, where he recorded outstanding point totals. He was a legend in his homeland, and overseas on social media. Everything was looking up for young Oskar, before he tore his achilles. That made him unable to finish the entire season healthy. He was bummed. He felt like he let his teammates down. How was he ever going to wear the illustrious TPS Turku Jersey, and fight for a spot in the Champions Hockey League? Well, it was a swift and painless recovery for Oskar. He got back on the ice just in time to start his last season of U18, and crushed it. Record breaking point totals. It was nothing for the lively fin. He waited all of his life for this season, and he did not disappoint his father, who like him, shared the high expectations for success. He did so well that at 18 he was thrusted into the TPS Turku lineup in the Finnish LIIGA. He only put up six points, but his spirit and tenacity to keep going each night lit a spark in the locker room. He was a glimpse of light for the struggling squad. 


The team finished last in the league. Oskar had let down his father, or so he thought. Miikka was actually quite happy for his son, who was the only one of his two to make it this far.He deserved a big hug from his family, and got it. Many of his teammates received hell for their performance, and the veterans heavily considered retirement as their best option. Next season rolls around, and the team gets off of the bench and scores many goals, shows prolific defense, and locks down the crease. Night in and night out. Oskar shined the brightest. A record high 36 points. Highest ever by a 19 year old in the LIIGA. He now became a locker room, social media, and a press legend all around the world. More than last time. He went from dropping the puck on a frozen pond and recording it, having the videos go viral due to his incredible handles. To become a legitimate hockey superstar, and earning the captaincy for the rest of the season. NHL teams wanted a piece of this pie, but the VHLM/VHL/VHLE offered him an irresistible offer. An offer to play there, and earn millions off of the bat. Oskar reluctantly agreed. 


Now the Finnish superstar has signed a waiver deal with the VHLM’s Philadelphia Reapers, giving him 1.5M for one year. This salary attracted the young star to the city of brotherly love. Also, he wanted to be in a foreign place, a place that his dad has never lived in. He loved the town–especially the cheesesteaks, they were scrumptious to him. Now, we will see what Oskar does. He’s expected to start soon, so hopefully he can channel the skills of the legend he was in Finland to America. 

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