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  1. PRESS CONFERENCE: Week of September 29th, 2021 (You don't have to answer every single one, just answer 6 for 2 TPE) 1. After the VHLM Draft, where do you see the Reapers landing in the standings? Do we make the playoffs or not? 2. Who is the biggest steal of the draft in your opinion? 3. How do you think Reapers management did for this season's draft? Be honest. 4. Tell me your favorite vacation spot. Why does that place appeal to you? 5. Le me know about your favorite kind of food and why. 6. Are you a dogs or cats person? Why. 7. Who do you think our biggest rivalry is in the league? Why that team? 8. Movies or TV shows? Why that kind of media? I like more movies than TV shows.
  2. Nice nice nice. I like where this one is going.
  3. SCOUTING REVIEWS by Bobo: Norris Sirois OVERVIEW: When you look at players with efficiency on and off the ice, who may not boast the best build or boast the best earnings, but still produce at a reasonable rate. There is no better example of this than the Yukon Rush centerman Norris Sirois. His 110 TPA and balanced statlines for goals and assists makes the guy a player that can be reliable on all ends of the ice. He may not earn max TPE each week, but he never goes inactive. Welfare claimants should be recognized more. He is a good example of a successful and useful player who mainly claims welfare and practice facility. He mainly likes to pass, yet can utilize his shot to score goals well too. He generates rebounds frequently, is always at the heart of the play, and can get rough sometimes too. He can play on any line, but works the best on a second line position, with time on all special teams units. Don’t let his plus minus fool you, he can still make an impact defensively. His shots blocked number for being a playmaking forward is really exceptional. He could be a steal for anyone who picks him up. I don’t know too much about his social attitude and character, so that is one thing I’m not certain about. STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: STRENGTHS are his Scoring attribute, his ability to both score and create plays, defensive zone capabilities, and consistency. WEAKNESSES are his lack of updating per week, defensive zone team play, and ability to get the puck out of his zone efficiently. A bit of a lack of physicality too.
  4. THE EVAN ANDERSON SHOW: Inside A Player’s Mindset w/ Oskar Kiprusoff Interviewer Evan Anderson: “Hello Oskar, welcome to the city of brotherly love. I trust you have felt at home here in the americas.” Oskar Kiprusoff: “Thank you Evan, and yes I have felt at home here in the United States. Everyone is so friendly and kind towards me and my family. The city lives up to its name.” E. Anderson: “Glad to hear it. I’m going to ask you some questions here today on what your experience with hockey in Finland is like, and your experience with joining the VHLM, more specifically the Reapers. Ok?” O. Kiprusoff: “Let’s begin...I’m ready.” E. Anderson: “Ok. So, Oskar, how would you describe your playing career out in Finland. Discuss your experiences with me, your opinions on the team you played for, and anything else you feel should be discussed.” O. Kiprusoff: “For sure. Playing hockey in Finland’s LIIGA was a great experience that I would always remember. My teammates and staff were always there for me whenever I needed assistance on anything. It was my home away from home at the rink. My father played professional hockey for the same team I played for in Finland, and more well known, the Calgary Flames of the NHL of course. Turku TPS fans also made the experience a great one. They brought the energy for every game of the season. To be fair, it’s far from the same here. Those fans dedicated their life to a single team. Bought all kinds of merchandise, lived in a house that pretty much promoted the team, and ate food that the players ate. I might be exaggerating a bit, but I’ll promise you, I’m not...” E. Anderson: “Sorry to cut you off Oskar, but I have a follow up to your statement. Why did you choose the team you played for, Turku TPS?” O. Kiprusoff: “Good question. I chose TPS for the singular fact that it was closest to my hometown and my father played for them. No other reason why. Fans are like other teams in the league, the arena is almost the same among all teams, and the environment is always electric. It’s just the family significance of the team that made me choose that team to sign with and commit to. Not to say it was that easy though, many other teams wanted me very badly. One team in particular, the Pelicans, wanted me so badly, that they considered trying to use money to lure me into their team. I might’ve been paid one million dollars or more by their front office! That’s a lot of money for a player as young as me to be making. We usually make very little money, but I guess I’m an exception.” E. Anderson: “I guess so. Next question because I'm sure a lot of people want to know this, why Philly, why the Reapers? Explain.” O. Kiprusoff: “For sure Evan. I’ve been watching film on all teams for the past few months, and the Reapers really impressed me with their ability to make plays with efficiency, drive the puck up the ice well, and play a solid game all around. It wasn’t an easy decision, as many teams reached out to my camp for offers. I chose the Reapers too due to their incredible fanbase. I know, I know, I said that I didn’t care about the fanbase back in Finland...But here, the fans are one of a kind and always are supportive of the team. No matter the record and placement on the league standings. I love the city a lot too, Philadelphia always caught my eye, due to the historical significance and food. More food.” E. Anderson: “Haha, that’s funny. Oskar, thank you for your time on my show. I really appreciate your time and fascinating info on hockey in Finland. I have to visit sometime.” O. Kiprusoff: “Thanks Evan, you really do have to visit sometime. Just know you have a place to stay for free. Good food comes included.”
  5. This is one of the best looking articles I've seen in a good bit, no lie. The font utilization and variations in formatting is something you don't see everyday outside of official outlets such as VSN (or my old news source, VHT). It's crazy how you managed to capture such a sad point in a player's career, and make it seem optimistic. It's impressive, really. I like the punctuation too–from the long dashes, to proper sentence structure–it's masterful. You write very well, and format just as well. I do notice a few minor errors dealing with some font sizes needing to be changed/few grammatical errors. Overall, well executed article. FINAL REVIEW: 9.3/10
  6. I like the style of writing you chose, jounral/diary style is one of my favorites to read. I would like to point out a few flaws I see in your writing, and give an honest opinion. I noticed a lot of run-on sentences that are missing proper punctuation to help them out. A few commas in areas would be better on the brain and eyes. I would try to stick to first person POV as much as possible. I see some points where you refer to your player in the third person, which throws me off personally. A good example of this is when you said, "Armani was at one point scared that if he went to Europe he would get extremely homesick but those fears have been conquered in his time in America." That should be in first person not third, as later on you mention 'I' in a sentence in the same context. It's a noticeable flaw in the article for me. Apart from that, great content being covered here. Not many people are doing this, so I like the way you stepped outside of the box. FINAL SCORE: 7.9/10
  7. Hype. Hype. And more hype. Let the games begin.
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