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Harkat Mulds Junior Review


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Harkat Mulds - Not So Small After All


Harkat Mulds is not your typical hockey player. He actually only measures in at an astonishing 3'8", but for registration and legal purposes he was forced to declare at 5'0". When he's not in hockey gear, he can be seen wearing a hooded robe that conceals most of his features. All you are able to see are his bright green eyes, grey stitched up skin, and jagged toothed smile. The air in the Earth's atmosphere is poisonous to him, requiring him to wear a surgical mask at all times. Despite his small stature and otherwise non-threatening appearance, Harkat has unbelievable strength for a person his size. Mulds comes from a race of people created by souls that are given a second chance at life. Most of his kind don't even have tongues, meaning they are unable to speak, but Mulds was made with one. Each person created is given a goal they have to fulfill, and if they are able to do that, they will be given all their memories back from their old life, and they are free to carry on as they choose. That's what brings us here, to present day, where Harkat Mulds is a budding hockey superstar ready to take the league by storm.


He originally discovered the game by complete chance. He was supposed to be working a freak show, but he got lost trying to locate the pretty much impossible to find club and somehow ended up in the delivery bay of the local arena. He managed to wander his way in to the stands and was captivated by the speed and skill that the hockey players he was watching possessed. He wanted to so badly play the game, and luckily for him, his small size allowed him to purchase much cheaper kids equipment! When he first tried to sign up for a league, he was laughed away because nobody believed a person his size could not be a child. He was frequently picked on by teammates for his small size, but he remained calm at all times, brushing everything off. He let his play on the ice do the talking. Harkat may be small, but he is way stronger than the average adult, which almost completely negates his height disadvantage. He quickly became the talk of the league and has meteorically risen to the top of most draft boards. He has finally declared himself eligible for the Season 80 VHL draft, and has accepted an initial free agent contract from the Yukon Rush.

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