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White and Blue


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Today feels like a white day.

A blank canvas, an empty partition.

History that has yet to be written.

Comfort. Silence.


The calm before the storm.


Today, I officially joined the Halifax 21st. I was made available

in the VHLM, a couple teams offered me different roles on

their teams, but the choice was easy. I can’t even explain why,

it’s as if an other-worldly force wanted me to be in Nova Scotia

for the rest of Season 79. As if I had a purpose there, if there

was something for me there and there only. Maybe they’re the

team where I can exceed my potential. Who knows?


Today feels like a blue day.

Of the lighter variety.

Full of hopes and dreams.

Floating on the horizon.


The calm before the storm.

But as soon as I made my way to the locker room, I met with

some of my new teammates - and it all came back to me. I amn’t

from here, but I am definitely meant to be here. Up until this point,

my life felt normal. I was a normal kid, I played hockey, I was good

at it to the point where a career wasn’t out of the question and

that’s why I thought I was here today. But it isn’t. I amn’t from here,

but my purpose is here. Nico Pearce is here and he is in danger.


Today feels like a blue day.

Of the darker variety.

One single star shines.

Brighter than it ever shined before.


A storm is coming.


It is as if they blurred my memory of it, as if they wanted me to

believe that I had a normal childhood, a normal life, up until this

point. Truth is, I amn’t from here. I amn’t even from this era. I am

from way farther up in time. I don’t even know what year I came

from, but now that I saw his beautiful face, I remember what it

looked like, and it isn’t anything like what the world looks like in

Season 79. If I had to guess, I’d say I was born around Season



Technology has advanced to a point where missions like this one

are possible. I’ve been trained from a young age, digitally enhanced,

all to make this voyage through time and space possible. It made

my hockey junior such a breeze. It wasn’t even hard to end up

here today, future technology made me a known asset in this barren

past. Well, it’s not exactly barren. It’s the home of one person of

interest. One person I have known my whole life up until this point,

but who has no idea that I am here for him only.


I need to protect Nico Pearce at all costs.

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