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Claimed:Eisenhower has arrived.

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Marcus Eisenhower has finally made his decision. He will not be joining the National Hockey League, but instead he has sided with -- the Victory Hockey League. This is a huge blow for the NHL, missing out on probably the best fighter hockey has ever seen. Anyways -- now that it's official, where could Eisenhower best fit in the VHL right now? Most teams already have a superstar Center -- whilst others are in need of just that.



The Express only have one natural center -- in Kez Kincaid. Kincaid has proven to be nothing (but) a mediocre player. Since his league debut, his work ethic has dropped. He has proven that he is probably a draft bust from his class, and won't be anything better than a regular Center. He wont be anything special, where is where Eisenhower comes in. Either way, you need two centers on ice -- and even though I don't know who their playing as there second Center, two natural Centers could probably do a better job. With Eisenhower -- this allows the Express to play whomever is currently at the (second) Center position on ice at their natural position. Just coming into the VHL picture hours ago, Eisenhower has already shown his passion for the game. Right now, you could probably say he has a ton of potential.



This is another team with only one natural Center (Tyson Stokes). Stokes has proven he has potential -- and is already a good player. With a mixture of his potential and talent, one day Stokes could be the proclaimed best Center in the league. Alongside Eisenhower, this could make for a deadly combination in the center field. Stokes is already good at Face Offs, which is currently one of Eisenhower's weaknesses -- so he could start off games. Eisenhower is well known for his Puck Handling, Passing, and Defense -- so alongside Stokes who is nearly good at everything, we could be seeing the youngest, but deadliest Center combination in the VHL.



Last, but not least on this top three -- the Riga Reign. They have a superstar in Robin Gow -- who could actually teach Eisenhower a lot. He could also help Eisenhower stop fighting as much as he regularly does. This is another situation where if it's a (bot) playing at the Center, or someone out of position -- Eisenhower can step in. Not only does he have Gow who could teach him a lot here -- but literally every (human) player on the Reign are developed. Joining the Reign would possibly be joining a contender -- which would be awesome for his first season, right? I think this might be the best fit for Eisenhower overall -- but let's just keep it at number three.






Marcus Eisenhower isn't looking to step into any certain situation though, at least not yet. The fighting Center from the German league has had no thoughts on what team he might go to. All he wants to do is play hockey, he cares about nothing else. 

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Awesome article! Welcome to the league. I think it's fantastic that you have already done a great Media spot, which you obviously put a lot of research into, and a full length bio on your player. You're going to do great in this league. 


Grammar: 2/2

Nice, nothing!


Appearance: 1/1

Looking good!


Overall: 6/6

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