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Half way point, Part 2


VHL Years




Last week we took a look at the journey that New York Americans defesenmen Conner Low had  taken in his path to get to the Victory Hockey League once he signed up for the well established league. We looked at Low’s two seasons in the minors and how he came to wear the red, white, and blue of the Americans organization. Today we’ll look at Low’s rookie season in the league up to the point we are at today, half way through Low’s VHL career.


Season Thirty-Six was Low’s first season in the VHL, a year that many around the league didn't expect much from Low and the lowly Americans. Just a season removed from a full blown rebuild, the Americans loaded up on Season Thirty-Six draft picks with the hopes of making the rebuild as short as possible, bringing in highly touted power forward prospect Xin Xei Xao to help Low out with the rebuild. The Americans named Low as the team captain heading into the season and he took his honor very seriously once receiving it. Low started shaping into a leader on and off the ice for the Americans, having a great season in his rookie campaign that eventually turned into a award winning season for the young defender. Low took home the Christian Stolzschweiger trophy for the league’s top rookie as well as the Sterling Labatte trophy for the league’s top defenseman. Low had made quite the impression on the league already, but Low already had his fair share of doubters in his ability to be a consistent force in the years to come.




Season Thirty-Seven was supposed to be the first year since Low joined the organization that the Americans were expected to compete for a playoff spot. The Americans added a few more players through trades, free agency, and the draft to round out their roster in what was going to be a very competitive North American conference. The season came down to the wire with the Seattle Bears and New York Americans locking horns on the final day of the regular season to decide the third and final playoff spot in the conference. The Bears would come out on top of Low and the young Americans roster with a 2-1 victory that sent the home crowd in Seattle into a frenzy, and sent the Americans into their second off-season where they barely missed the playoffs. Although the Americans didn't make the playoffs, Low found himself having another great season that saw him take home his second consecutive Sterling Labatte trophy, this time a no-brainer for the voters as Low walked away with all ten General Manager votes. With two VHL top defensemen trophies under his belt, Low was hoping to add the ultimate trophy to his collection next season.


Season Thirty-Eight was shaping up to be the year the Americans were supposed to make a big splash in the VHL. General Manager Chris Miller made a splash in the free agent market bringing in veterans Wesley Kellinger and Tuomas Tukio to help push the Americans over the edge and hopefully into Continental Cup finals. Low was one of the players that questioned the move to spend cap space on a again goaltender with Brick Wahl already on the roster, but Miller assured Low and those players that his master plan would work out in the end. Unfortunately for Low and the Americans the team ran into superstar goalie Remy LeBeau in the semi-finals that eventually led to the Americans bowing out much earlier than expected. Low again tasted bitter defeat yet again even with another award winning season, taking home a very unexpected third straight Sterling Labatte trophy, sharing the honors with Calgary Wranglers defenseman Godavari Yumalatopinto.

Although Low has experienced personal success that many hockey players can only dream of, but like many superstars that have come before him Low is missing that all important championship piece. With four season left in all likelihood in Low’s VHL career, the door is slowly closing on the opportunity Low covets.



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Content: 3/3

Nice read. Low's career has been amazing so far and I hope it continues. It must have really sucked last season to have a veteran in the net like Tukio, just to be beaten by that crazy man LeBeau. Anyways, heres to a fourth straight lebatte trophy :cheers: (also your last, because i will be taking over winning them from next season on).


Grammar: 2/2

Just one:


defesenmen = defensemen 


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Looks good!


Overall: 6/6

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