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Mod Team Informational Guide


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Submitting a Report:

We have implemented a reporting system that does not require users to report their username, permitting anonymous reporting. If you are comfortable with the mod team knowing that you are submitting the report, you may provide your username in the form or reach out to a moderator directly via DM.

When you submit a report, please be sure to include as much information as you can, especially if you choose to report anonymously. For situations that happened outside of the VHL discord server, please try to include screenshots of the incident. If the incident occurred in the VHL discord server, please include exact copy/paste message contents or a specified time and date. The more information you can provide in your report, the more effectively we can respond to your complaint.

Reports may also be submitted via the forums. This mechanism is best for reporting individual posts that you feel break the rules of the league. Please note that these reports are not anonymous.

The Life of a Report:

You may submit reports via the reporting form or by directly messaging a moderator. When we receive your report, if you have not reported anonymously, we may request additional information to fully assess the situation you want brought to our attention.

The moderation team reviews all of the information available and comes to a conclusion about the actions, if any, to be taken in response to the reported content. If action is to be taken, the mod team drafts the punishment we feel is appropriate and the reasons for the punishment. When we have come to a conclusion about the best response, we send the evidence considered and our response proposal to the VHL Commissioner team for approval.

We only release information about cases when a punishment is issued, and even then, what we release is limited. In the case that a punishment is levied against a member, the mod team will release the identity of the person receiving the punishment, what the punishment is, (if applicable) the period of the punishment, and the reason for which the punishment was issued (e.g., violation of COC). We do not release information about who reported the content or specific details about the situation that occurred. This is to protect individuals who report situations and to avoid members conducting their own unnecessary and invasive searches into the case.

Who to Report to

Commissioners: If the content you wish to report pertains directly to the “in-game” elements of VHL, you should submit your report to a Commissioner of the league in which the situation occurred. For example, if you have evidence of tampering occurring in the VHLM, then you should reach out to a VHLM Commissioner.

Moderators: Moderators handle complaints pertaining to personal misconduct. We are responsible for addressing reports that supersede the game. This involves reports of users you believe to have committed an infraction of the Code of Conduct (COC). Reports submitted via the reporting system are handled by the moderators.

You can find out who holds which positions on the Staff page or by referring to the members list in the VHL discord server.

When to Report

Individuals who have been made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or unsafe based on the actions of other members are encouraged to bring the situations in which it occurred to the attention of the mod team. We value your experience and input, and our top priority is to uphold the values of the league.


If you have any questions about reporting, please feel free to reach out to any of us. When in doubt about whether something should be brought to the moderators, err on the side of caution by reporting the incident.

The Mod Team


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thank you @Dil for making these!

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