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  1. who want some of dat uncapped tpe If you up-vote and/or comment on BOTH OF the following links, you can gain that sweet 1 Uncapped TPE! Comment in the thread below and use that link to your update. Rules: - Up-vote and/or comment to earn the one TPE. - You can not back cap this TPE even if the ads are still live its a one week. - Post done in the below thread with the sub-reddit its posted too. (example: Done Columbus Blue Jackets & Find A League) - These might not be week to week and some might be posted on Fridays instead of Mondays. - If any rules are not followed the Updater's can deny your update Columbus Blue Jackets [Click Here] Find A League [Click Here] @Members
  2. I’m in right now, hop on discord I’ll help
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