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a tale of two Brothers // in the outer circle

Daniel Janser

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As our regular readers may recall, the Jansers are back in their native Switzerland for much needed R'n'R (no not Rock'n'Roll, the other one). Marcel is nursing his bruises and prepares to return to Philly, while Daniel will stay in Europe to have a closer base of operations to move to whichever VHLE organisation is going to pick him in the upcoming draft. He will also be closer to the OYM in Cham, where Team Europe will have its training camp. Daniel suggested the state-of-the-art venue to prepare for the WJC and GM Ms Leblanc @Horcrux jumped at the opportunity. Normally one would not be able to book the facilities for a full Hockeyteam on short notice, but Dan played for the club which is the main user (and whose CEO is the Owner)of the OYM (Own your Marks) and could pull some strings and cash in some favours to make it happen.

At the World Championship he will face some people he met when playing for the Reapers (Ixazaluoh, Jones), or the Brigade (Karjalainen, Towbaker) and many others he played against. We were able to get in touch with him and asked him for a statement.

Daniel: 'About half of the organisations in the VHLE stretched their feelers via my agent to see whether I am willing to play for them. To all of them I replied in the positive. I will wear the Jersey of whoever will elect me in the draft with pride and will do anything in my power to help the respective team to succeed. I do not have any favourites and for me it is part of the excitement to see who will pick me. I am also aware that I will not be played to the same extent as with the Reapers, where I was playing first line, power play as well as box play. I have no credit when I report to my new club and will have to earn my spot. And that is completely fine with me. It will be up to me to prove that I am worth my salt and that I can compete with the best, given time to adjust to the new role, team and system as well as developing myself.'

When we asked Daniel whether the rumours of him being nominated for one of the most prestigious awards, the 'Fredrik Elmebeck Memorial Trophy', he was embarassed: 'Yes it is true that I was nominated as a potential recipient of this distinction. However, there were more suitable candidates available and I did not make the inner circle. This is entirely okay with me, since I was surprised to be in the race at all. I am proud though that the Reapers GM @Alex_J32 as well as AGM and Captain Mason Jones @Masu Chan and Vasile Lamb @dlamb are amongst the nominees who are in the final, so to speak. That just shows what great people the Reapers have to offer when four of them are nominated for a prize given away for 'great work ethic, passion for the VHL, and/or made some notable contribution which in your eyes made them stand out'. And best of all, you are nominated by your peers, not some self proclaimed comittee that may or may not be the victim of nepotism. It is the people you work with (or play against for that matter) who will nominate you and that makes it even more precious in my eyes. I am honoured to be a nominee for this award after only one season of professional hockey. Sorry, to cut you short but this weights don't lift themselves. Take care.'


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