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Connor Johnson, Organized Crime Lord??


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Connor sees himself as a very well defined and intelligent hockey player, doesn't fight much, doesn't take many penalties either. However, Connor has a dark side, and off the ice Connor's intentions are a bit, unknown? Connor is one of the clear beneficiaries of an illegal gambling ring, in this ring people bet on who will win the shootout in the game mode from NHL 22 (EA, NHL 22 game mode). This has become so popular in Halifax that Connor is starting to make more than his actual contract value from VHLM. Now this comes with obvious concerns, not just for Connor but for Halifax themselves, due to the fact that Connor works closely with many of the players and staff associated with the organization and it wouldn't be a stretch to see them involved in this gambling ring as well. Hopefully this all blows over and is disproven, as unlikely as it may be. If this sort of conduct is deemed factual, then it is entirely possible that Connor could see himself out of the league entirely, especially considering he could be facing serious jail time. 


Some facts that show Connor as a prime suspect are listed:

1. Connor can be seen frequenting a remote location 30 minutes outside Halifax nearly every single Friday night, additionally 20+ other people can be seen entering the establishment shortly after.

2. With thorough investigation, and a spy, is was in fact determined that the establishment hosts gambling rings in which people bet on NHL 22 shootouts (a mode in the game) video evidence is obtained.

3. Connor's income statistics showed on his tax returns do not reflect accuracy regarding his known income sources, (baking, hockey, hockey merchandise). 


Another prime suspect is Marshall Maxx, star defensemen for Halifax and buddy of Connor's. What isn't so clear is his involvement in the ring, he has only been seen entering the facility 4 times, however we were not necessarily looking for him and he may have contributed significantly more than expected. If Marshall is deemed a prime suspect this could hurt Halifax's legacy, indefinitely. If these allegations are proven true, for both Maxx and Johnson, there could be an investigation launched into the entire Halifax roster and there staff. Considering two of the players were involved, there must be others on the team who know about it, including staff. 

Connor has refused any attempts at an interview, and we can't force him to say anything. For Connor's friend however, Marshall, we have had more lucrative talks with, when he doesn't check our camera crew. Those talks have led to us recording him saying a few sentences in his native tung, any attempts to translate have proven useless, however. With Marshall's notable criminal record (all of which being several counts of battery) it wouldn't be much of a stretch to make him out as next level organized crime lord.


In the end, there isn't enough evidence to put either of them away yet, the only hard evidence we have is that they both have attended an illegal gambling ring, and Marshall checking our camera crew. So at most they would be suspended and fined, but we will have to keep a watchful eye as these next couple of weeks could prove if they are innocent or guilty of running an illegal gambling ring.

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Overall I really like this. I did chuckle at the fact that the game he is gambling on is EA NHL. I feel like this article could have been a bit longer, but you got all the points across. That, and you missed a paragraph space. Let's hope that this situation doesn't ruin their careers! 



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Review: Great article. Writing a story about your player’s life outside the rink is awesome, creates a personality for them. Only suggestion might be an image of jail bars or the like haha. But all in all interesting read, well done. 9/10

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