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Review: Wow, I love this graphic. It looks amazing with the split red and blue glow in the background and on the player. Love the effect of having a more transparent version of the player behind and slightly beside the player render, gives it a feel of motion which is nice to see. Logo is swapped well and the jersey looks very believable. The shoulder and side lines look great. I also love the other incorporation of the logo, having it beside the player and tilted, as well as having it look like it's being projected on the graphic itself. My only problems are that I feel that the left side is just wasting space. If anything, I would prefer it if the graphic was cropped and only the player and the tilted logo were present. You could put the name overlapping the render or maybe on it's side but it just feels way too long considering the size and placement of the player. And if the only reason it's long is to accommodate the text, then I'm not a fan; it also makes it very uneven due to having the player skewed to the side as well as the glowing. However, really loved this graphic, 8.9/10.

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On 11/13/2021 at 7:39 PM, Bulduray_1 said:

image (5).jpg

Review: I really like this graphic. The colours match perfectly. The logo and name at both sides fit really good and the logo swap is good made. I think it would look a bit better if everything would be more in the middle, but thats a minor thing. 9/10

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