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a tale of two Brothers // a good start

Daniel Janser

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Swiss Central Gazzette (goalscorer/assistant)


As our esteemed readers already know, Daniel is representing Team Europe in the WJC, which is in full swing already. The team is off to a good start as it could win the first three matches against Team USA, Team Asia and Team World.

The first match was against Team USA and Europe came out of the gate on fire and scored two power play goals within a little more than one minute (Nano (Ablar, Kotkakoivu) and Kotkakoivu (Ablar, Eightnine)). With seven seconds left in the first Remy (Mulds, Karjalainen) put the score to three nothing before the first horn. In the second period, Team USA pulled two goals back and kept the hope alive. Same was crushed by Godlander (Mulds, Karjalainen) as the Americans were not able to react anymore. The finals score was 4-2 for Team Europe. The three stars of the match went to Detroit (0g/2a), Mulds (0g/2a) and Remy (1g/0a). Lindbergh had .913 save percentage and was bested by Booberry (.939), who had to face almost triple the shots that came the Swede's way (66 vs 23). Europe's penalty kill was exceptional (4/4) and the power play respectable (2/9).

Our Swiss delegate recorded 0g, 0a and -1


In the second game, this time against Team World, Daniel clashed with fellow Reapers Jones and Ixazaluoh. The match ended with 7-2 for Europe. Again, Daniel's team had the better start and lead 3-0 after the first period. Mulds (Remy), Ablar (Nano, Kotkakoivu) and Karjalainen (Mulds) scored for the European squad. World pulled scored a goal early in the second which was answered by two back-to-back goals by Remy (Godlander, Mulds) and Kotkakoivu (Ablar, Lindbergh). This MO was duplicated in the third period, when Pearce (Kotkakoivu, Nano) and Karjalainen (Remy) sealed the deal. This time, Lindbergh (.966) bested not one, but two goalies. Davis (.792, 24 shots against) and Jarvinen (.946, 37 shots against)  shared the workload, while Lindbergh faced 59 shots all by his lonesome. It surprises probably no-one that all the place in the lime light were taken by the Europeans. Remy (1g/2a) was followed by Karjalainen (2g/0a) and Kotkakoivu (1g/2a)on the podium. The special teams performed more or less at the same level as in the previous match with 5/5 in the penalty kill and 1/5 in power play.

Daniel recorded 0g, 0a, +0 and 2 PIM (Hooking, obviously no goal scored against in the ensuing penalty kill)


The third game against Team Asia ended with 6-3 for Europe. Again it was Europe who was first on the scoreboard when Ablar (Kotkakoivu, Eightnine) opened the proceedings in power play. However, before the period ended, the Europeans allowed three unanswered goals. Other team's morale may have been broken after this first period, but not so Team Europe. We assume that Leblanc has had her say about the team's atypical defensive non-chalance. Accordingly, Team Europe was all business and no fun (for Team Asia that is) and came back with four consecutive goals. Ablar (Nano, Kotkakoivu), Kotkakoivu (Ablar, Nano), Remy (Mulds, Karjalainen) and Brozik (Remy, Chara) succeeded for the European outfit. Asia could not recover from this barrage and conceded another goal (Pearce (Eightnine)) in power play before the final horn. The three stars were Kotkakoivu (1g/2a), Ablar (2g/1a) and Remy (1g/1a). Lindbergh saved .909 of the shots fired at his net while Chiester saved a respecable .906 but was hosed down by the opposition (64 shots against). The penalty kill was okay (3/4) and power play was excellent (2/5).

Daniel logged 0g, 0a and +0.


Team Europe is presiding the WJC so far and there are a few numbers to explain why:

191 shot attempts in three matches (best of the tournament, leading by 42 shots)

2nd best power play (26.32%) only Canada is better

best penalty kill (92.31%)

most goals scored (17)

least goals conceded (7)

least shots allowed against (115)

goal keeper with the best saving rate (.939) as well as lowest GAA (2.33)

6 out of the 10 best scorers are from Team Europe (with Kotkakoivu being the top dog with 3g/5a for 8pts)

the best goalscorer (Kotkakoivu, Ablar and Remy with 3 goals each)


This are but a few of the impressive statistics available for this amazing team. Stay tuned for further updates.













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