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Just a little dissapointed


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It's now been a week since the VHL Playoffs have wrapped itself up.  Obviously I was a little disappointed to come back home without a Continential Cup once more, especially after leading the series 3-1. It's now been 69 seasons since the last time I've won the Continential Cup and over ten years and I'm eager to get that winless streak broken. I guess this year just wasn't the year for it, and we'll just have to try it again next year. We have a solid core that is all signed to another season so there's no reason not to think we'll be contenders once again. 


Still, I think it was pretty impressive to roll into the Continential Cup Finals without having a single loss in the first few rounds against Prague and Malmo. I'm also happy with how our team played, we didn't have a single player in the minuses and we had a total of 6 point per game players. But, we may have rode Rasputin's fantastic play a little too much and we may have got a little too comfortable knowing he was in net and playing on his head. Still the guy ended up posting a save percentage of .938 which is still pretty insane. 


Here's to the next one, hopefully! 

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