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Rome Needs Another Soldier (AGM)


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With the most recent hiring's coming out today, we unfortunately have lost one of our own, my AGM @Minion moves on to bigger and better things. I've already expressed my gratitude to you in private, but please know just how much Rome will miss having such an active and bright spirit in the management team. 


All things considered, this means I need to find someone new to move into the role. I'm looking for someone similar to what we had, a positive influence who has a good work ethic, someone that will do their best for the team and put the team first when it comes to league decisions. We're looking for someone who just want's to have fun, want's to learn and most importantly, will care about the team as much as I do. 


Your tasks will be pretty lax, the most time consuming one I ask for is the PC to be done weekly, preferably on Monday's to give each player a chance to have a week to do the task. Otherwise it'll be simple things like line input, trade input, draft input & scouting and just overall LR management with the team, making sure everyone is taken care of with me and ensuring no funny business occurs in the LR. 


If you'd like to learn, and eventually move into a GM role similar to our now former AGM Minion, please apply within. 


Thank you for taking the time to read, and again, good luck in your new role @Minion ❤️ 

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