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Happy 20th to XBOX and Halo


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Even though I was more of Nintendo kid growing up I remember going to visit my cousins every summer, me and my brother usually stayed with different aunties, the one I also stayed with had a son (much older than me) who had the OG Xbox, I remember playing a handful of games on it like GTA, Sims, and one or two racing games on it, but I always found myself returning to Halo, that was the game I always wanted to play. If it wasn't for Halo I doubt I'd be the fan I am of FPS games today, so thank you Xbox and thank you Halo for introducing me into a genre I love and a series I love, even if I don't play Halo much anymore it will always have a special place in my Heart.

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Although I've only ever bought one Microsoft console (the 360) and mostly stuck with the Playstation consoles, I can definitely appreciate the things that Microsoft bought to the table with the Xbox that helped improve console gaming across the board, especially with their implementation of online gaming for consoles and the introduction of the 360 which provided a much-needed better priced competitor to the Playstation 3 at a time where Sony were getting a bit arrogant given the overwhelming success of the Playstation 2. They've also kept innovating with the introduction of the Gamepass, which is probably the best value proposition in video games that I have ever seen.


Funnily enough, the two games I'm most thankful to the Xbox for weren't even Xbox exclusives, but were born from that. Saints Row 3 and Mass Effect 2 are my two favourite games from the 360/PS3/Wii generation and while those entries in their respective franchises did end up multi-platform, both franchises started as Xbox console exclusives. 


There have been some hiccups certainly (most notably around the launch of the Xbox One when they were overly focused on the TV/Media/Kinect side along with the pre-owned games drama leading up to the launch) but console gaming is definitely in a better place thanks to Microsoft entering the fold.

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