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Actually Like 80% Happy With This One


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Review: Overall the graphic is clean as always as like the color choices but I am not a huge fan of the player choice in the fact that Vancouver is currently the laughing stock of the NHL at the moment. Is this a fore shadow for the season that the young Helsinki is going to have? (Bad joke) Would have liked to see the more logo swap completed as I can tell that it is a Vancouver player due to the shoulder patches so switch those for Helsinki would have made it clear that this was a Helsinki player as I missed that point when I started the review again due to no trivia. 😭Overall: 9/10 as I am not a hater!! 

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This is pretty good. I like how everything is one colour, keeps it simple. the effects you used are really nice with all the pixealted wavy shit and what not. the font is really crisp and readable as well. my only problem with this graphic is the guy you decided to use. It looks like hes taking a giant shit on the ice. hes got the epitome of a poop face. throws off the whole graphic for me. 1.5/10

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