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fragmented thoughts with fishy #3


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it’s friday and i haven’t felt at all motivated to do jack shit for earning this week. that probably will not change so i’m getting it out of the way now.
1. i noticed today that my player is not doing very well. we’re i don’t know how many games into the season, and i’m just finding out today because i was doing the vhlm fantasy zone, so i’ll live.
2. i don’t get why people need to be pinged for fantasy zone. i’m not pinged and i get a notification when they’re posted every week. just follow the subforum so that you get a notification when a new topic is posted. it’s not hard and you look lazy by having yourself pinged.
3. i like the season of giving. i’m glad to see that happening again. blood donations are a cool way to give back and i would 100% do that if i were eligible. donate blood.
4. podcast tournament has started and i regrettably haven’t listened to any of the submissions. it’s friday night so i probably won’t have any time or motivation to get around to those, but i’m sure they were great.
5. fuck a shift key.

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9 hours ago, frescoelmo said:


did you hit it 5 times rapidly???

You can turn that feature off, actually. I can't remember how cause it's been years. But you can.

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