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Omi Aberg and Vancouver Wolves start of the season


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Omi Aberg's first season in the big league has started quickly and he has already played his first 36 games with Vancouver Wolves and they have been up and down. For the team, though this start to the season has been brilliant - first place in the North American conference and it seems like they haven't missed a stride. Wolves are trying to go back to back with championships and Aberg with his play in helping the team succeed. 

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Omi Aberg this year was a really interesting prospect, he was the first-round pick, but he comes from a record-breaking season, where he was the first MVP of the newly created VHLE league. He was expected to be one of the points leaders of rookies, but knowing that he will be a big part of the contender, it is not surprising, that he is not getting those points that much. He is in 6th place in rookie points and the rookie with the most points is his Stockholm Vikings teammate Zach Kisslinger II, with who he has had quite a lot of history together. They were both tearing up VHLE together and were the cornerstones of regular season champions - Stockholm Vikings. 


In Vancouver, his role has dramatically changed compared to his days in Stockholm, where he was the leading offensive force, but here there are the Reinhart brothers, who are responsible for getting the puck in the net. Aberg is a typical two-way forward in Vancouver, where he tries to be in as many places as possible at the same time. He is a pretty important piece to the Wolves game because he is trying to keep the opponents from scoring and then running back to offense and trying to score on the other side of the rink. And he is being a pretty good player in his role right now. He has +12 plus-minus and 38 points in 36 games. Although he may not have as many points as other rookies, he is making his play stand on both sides of the ice. He has also earned coaches' trust with his hard work on ice to play him on the power play and there he has scored 2 goals too. As Aberg revealed, the coach also encouraged him to shoot more and it has shown in his game, where he is scoring a lot of goals. 


Omi Aberg has started his season well, but expectations were much bigger, but that doesn't change that Aberg had to transform his way of play, and also there are much bigger offensive forces in the team compared to other rookie teams and that could be the reason why the point total is quite a bit lower compared to the best rookies. But in the end leading in points won't mean too much if he is able to win the championship together with his new team and right now Vancouver Wolves are in a great spot to finish the season as the best team in the VHL!

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Glad to see Omi is still tearing it up in the big show! This was a very interesting read! The picture makes it look nice, i like the italics on the first bit. the article read super smoothly as well. 

It definitely was a fun time when you and I were lighting it up in Stockholm together, cheers and good luck this season.

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