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500 word ramble because I want my six TPE


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Sooooo this is another one of those "I don't have one thing to focus on so I'm just gonna talk about multiple different things till I get to 500 words" posts. I have a few different things on my mind and I figure I might as well start with something more serious. On November 23rd my cat went missing..... I had let him out very early in the morning and..... he just never came back, now three weeks later I've done about everything I can, phoning my local SPCA and a few others in cities close by, put up online posts, put up flyers/posters, talked to neighbors, did night searches including looking up in trees, put his cat tree outside and food, set food traps that were never eaten, even by other wild life, and I did other things as well. We have coyotes near where I live and while I haven't found evidence that he was attacked or such my mom's dog was recently attacked which only make me think it's more Likely that happened to him. There have been unconfirmed sightings of him but as I said they're not for sure.


To tie this into the VHL, this happening has made it hard to find the energy or focus to update, I was kinda lucky in that I had already put in all my updates in for that week and had a media spot to also claim for next week, if that wasn't the case probably would have missed some TPE in a week, and I only say this because I have been max capping for over a year, a year in a half. I've just kinda forced myself to not miss a week, and your getting this post because I still find myself worried, I have had a cat died before but that's the thing, I knew that cat was dead because he was hit by a car, I could start the mourning process for him, I can't do that now because I don't know if he is dead or out there scared and freezing, the fact that this happened during winter only makes it worse to know he's out there in the freezing cold. It's an odd feeling to feel both hopeful while also feeling hopeless.


Sorry to make this post so heavy, I really didn't want to but it's all that's been on my mind, honestly the free week we get for making a donation is coming at a pretty good time, next week I can just forget about the VHL and try to just focus on getting better mentally. I still need more words so let's talk VHL for the rest of this. I've gone with a build that is not meta I guess you could say, I know defense is the god stat and it is frustrating to know if you want your player to have good point production you gotta dump a lot of TPE into it, I already went above of what I originally planned, it's up to 80 now whereas 75 is where I wanted to stop at. It's just frustrating because one stat shouldn't be so above everything else, I wanna stick to my build because it is my player and I wanna have fun in my own way, even if brings some frustration, so I'm not going above 80.


(word count 561)

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I wish you all the best with your cat! I hope you find him soon, I really feel you for this. As for the article itself... well it's not much of an VHL article but you know that for sure. I hope you feel better soon and can get back to writing great articles, but this one is just here for earning and it shows.



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Sorry to hear about you cat, its always tough when you lose an friend like that, I really hope you find him. I have also lost a cat myself, after waking up, our door outside was randomly open, I don't know why or how, but we searched and searched, and we couldn't find him anywhere. What I thought and hopped that someone brought him inside their house on the cold winter night and just didn't see the fliers we put out. Its a rough time but I really do hope you can find him alive and well. Although this was not as much a VHL article, you did include a VHL portion to it, and to that part, do the build you wanna go for, I hate how it is said to be so op as well. It was very well written, especially through this time for you. 10/10 

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