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Talking about Warsaw's vet


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Tomorrow Trunov will play his 185th games. 2 seasons and 6 months since he has been drafted by Warsawa Predators. He went 22th OA in the 2nd round. With 40 games played so far filthy Russian center forward has 33 goals and 32 assists. Basically, it's 1.6 PPG. Also he is a stats leader with 11 powerplay goalsgoals. As a projected good two-way center Trunov breaks all expectations and proves that he was truly underrated by VHL general managers. According to the data, his tpe rating is 9th among the whole S78 Draft class. For instance, former 1st overall selection has 185 points so far (against Trunov's 183) with one more full season. Moreover, Trunov already has more TPE. 


Throughout the season Warsaw shows its ability to play offensive style. According to the standings,  Predators are 3rd in EU and they have an opportunity to climb up. Being a core player Trunov does his best to lift the cup with his native team. It's early to think about breaking D. Lamb's franchise records. Trunov still needs to do a lot to be compared with the first captain in Warsaw Predators' history. But if he continues gaining 1.5 point per game we will be able to see new record holder.


Right now, Trunov is in his prime. Before the start of the season he was honored to wear an "A" patch on his jersey. It's his 3rd season he is already a veteran of the team, respectful teammate on and off the ice. We can state the fact that there is a great gap between the current season and the previous one. Trunov produces much better with the new teammates and that's not a surprise for the critics. Muffbeav, Reynolds and Kisslinger carry the team improving statistics of the whole team. Let's see what he will do without star fellas.


Kristof Welch aka @Juice: "Trunov is one of those guys that slip in the draft and have the GM's questioning "How did I pass that up." How he fell to 22nd OA is beyond me, but the Warsaw fans I can say without a doubt are pleased with their breakout allstar. It's not often you get a guy that can put up over a point per game, but even this season Trunov is going beyond that pace and might even finish over 2 PPG which is a fantastic surprise. He hasn't been in the league long, but he'll be climbing up to familiarity in all the VHL locker rooms sooner than later if he keeps up this pace."

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