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VHL Leaders


With the trade deadline being announced this evening by legendary VHL Commissioner Jardy Bunclewirth, VHL players and teams are starting to feel the crunch. With just  twenty-six games remaining on the season, today we’ll look at the league leaders and who might possibly be in that position at the end of the season.






Odin Tordahl had a slow start to his sixth season in the VHL, but it seems as though the Norwegian powerhouse is back in form. Tordahl leads the league with thirty-four goals in forty-six games this season, leading Karsten Olsen, David Collier, and Niklas Lindberg currently by two goals. Tordahl was moved to the Americans second line this season to help balance the scoring between all six forwards in New York, which helped lead to the slow start Tordahl experienced early on but Tordahl seems to be on a mission now. With an easier schedule ahead for the Americans look for Tordahl’s name on the Kevin Brooks’ trophy come seasons’ end.






Karsten Olsen has really found his game this season for the Seattle Bears, leading the way in assists in the VHL with forty-six in forty-six games this season. The amazing assist per game pace has helped the Bears settle into second place in the North American conference. Like Tordahl Olsen has been in the VHL for six seasons now, so the savvy veteran is proving he understands what it takes to compete at this age in the VHL. With his monster season this year, Olsen is justifying those in the Bears organization right when they decided to select him second overall way back in the Season 33 VHL Entry draft. Olsen currently has the assist lead over Americans defenseman Conner Low, but look for Olsen to walk away with the Beketov trophy at the conclusion of Season Thirty-Nine.






Once again Karsten Olsen has his name at the top of a VHL leaders list, and this time it’s quite a huge accomplishment. Olsen who entered the league as a defenseman at the time of the draft, has really grown as a player in his six seasons with Seattle, going through the ups and downs of being a professional athlete. Olsen has been close to a point per game player since entering the league, but this season he has stepped but his game to a new level, trying to lead the Bears on and off the ice. Olsen will face some stiff competition all season long from Odin Tordahl for the Szatkowski trophy, but i have a feeling this season belongs to Oslen.


Save Percentage/Goals Against Average:



Lennox Moher has decided to finally quite all his critics around the hockey world but having the best year of his five year VHL career. Moher was a highly touted prospect that was taken first in the Season thirty-five VHL Entry draft by Davos, and while he has two cups to his name, his play really didn’t stand out as a reason why Davos has been so successful the past couple of seasons. Moher currently leads the league with a .928 save percentage and a 1.73 goals against average. If this continues the rest of the season look for Moher to run away with the Aiden Shaw trophy.


*I thought that part two of my ms series covered last week for a pt, but it didn't so this is for last week.*

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

542 words, although this felt like a 750-800-word Media Spot. Great job with the work and the research. You provided an excellent look at the leaders in these specific categories.

Grammar: 2/2

Just make sure when you are naming the trophy, IE. Aiden Shaw Trophy, that the actual word Trophy is capitalized as well.


just  twenty = double spacing

trophy = Trophy (x4)

draft = Draft

Olsen who = Olsen, who

Oslen = Olsen

i = I

Appearance: 1/1

Awesome work.

Overall: 6/6

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