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Claimed:Denis Struggles, Americans Do Not


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Denis on his way home?


Denis has struggled heavily this year and is debating a move to Europe.


There have been a lot of VHL rookies who have struggled heavily. Some have been unable to adjust to the speed, size or physical game of the VHL. However, there are very few who have had as bad a rookie season as what Milos Denis is having for the New York Americans. The Slovakian winger has 8 points as we approach the trade deadline, and this is as a player who was drafted due to his scoring prowess and his creativity in the offensive zone. Denis has struggled to not only maintain consistency, but in all reality, he has not looked like a VHL caliber player at all and many are wondering if he will even return to North America next year or if he will return home to play in one of the various European leagues. There have been rumors attaching the winger to the Czech Elite League since the third week of the season, although neither party involved have commented on the potential move.


Denis has spent most of the year playing on the Americans first line playing with some of the leagues best players and yet he has been left in the dust by the competition and has looked slow, sluggish and has lacked the intelligence to make plays to keep the Americans in the zone for long. Despite his own personal struggles, New York have remained at the top of the VHL standings all year long and currently sit atop the league with 72 points in 46 games. New York has been led by all around superstar Odin Thordall who, despite a slowish start, is once again near the leagues top scorers with 74 points. 


The Americans are still looked at as the VHL's most likely champions come playoff time, but unless Denis can pick up the pace, it is unlikely he will have much of a reason to celebrate even if the Americans do win. The Slovak teenager takes pride in his own work, and his 8 points so far have been an embarrassment, and he is looking for answers.Most attribute the speedy wingers downfall to his lack of size, but it is deeper then that like usual. It seems that the young man suffers from a lack of foot speed to make up for his lack of size and as such has struggled heavily this year. If he wants to perform better later this year, and most important for him, in the playoffs and beyond, he needs to improve his speed in general as he is too often diminished and made irrelevant by the average VHL defender. 


Although there is likely still a lot of time left in the young man's career, one year out of the allowed eight is a long time for one to struggle like this. Maybe a change of scenery is what is needed, and with the trade deadline quickly approaching, there are some mild rumors around Denis, although none that are to be believed because of New York's current cap crunch. Denis is likely to remain an American until at least the end of his rookie season, although it is unknown for how much longer he will wear their colors after that.

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Content: 3/3

Nice read. I know it feels to have your player struggle all season, but at least your team is good...mine is sucking this season! 


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Nothing worth noting.


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Looks good.


Overall: 6/6

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