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Erik Finck - Junior Review


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Erik Finck was born in a small town in Ontario known for its hockey fanaticism. He began his hockey journey at 3 years old after being put into the Timbits U7 program by his parents. He developed a passion for the sport that was unmatched by his peers. Finck grew up loving film, video games, but most importantly, the game of hockey. His father was a proponent figure in his upbringing, encouraging him to grow his knowledge of the game. His father was a leader to him, which in translation led to Erik embracing the role of a leader in the locker room. Finck was captain of his high school hockey team. He played a shutdown-defence style of hockey with the ability to chip in on the scoresheet as well. He was a Boston Bruins fanatic. When asked who he modelled his game after, he did not hesitate. "Growing up, Zdeno Chara was without a doubt the defender I wanted to replicate the most, while also building my own strengths to become a unique player. After Chara retired, Matt Grzelcyk was the player I hoped to model my game after. His ability to create space for himself is an overlooked ability I believe more players should strive for." Finck was known in his community for his immense hockey knowledge and willingness to learn more every single day. This led to his strongest attribute on the ice: his hockey IQ and ability to read the play. He considers himself a loyal player, willing to commit to an organization for the long haul. Finck stated that his desire to be a loyal player comes from his grandfather, who he claims was the "most dependable man I have had the privilege to meet and grow up with." Finck would take his talents to the Waterloo Siskins of the GOJHL, where he developed his skills further. His skating ability improved and his defensive game only got better with every game. Finck was not yet totally satisfied, as he desired more competition to improve his play with the goal of one day making it to one of the pro leagues. When Finck needed a new opportunity the most, it arrived. The Mississauga Hounds of the VHLM had offered him a 1-year contract to play solid minutes on a rebuilding team full of youth and potential. The young defender knew that joining the Hounds would not make winning games easier, as they had committed to a full rebuild after years of success. The Hounds would be losing plenty of talent and several beloved players, but Finck saw this as the peak of opportunity. This was a chance for him to bring some light to what looked like a dark road for the near future. This was an opportunity for him to become a part of something bigger. With this in mind, Finck did not delay. He put pen to paper, wrote his signature on the dotted line, and got to work with the Hounds. 


For what's to come next... only time will tell. 

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