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Jardy's Nodesode #10: Halfway Malaise and Waxing on Halifax


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But not as advised as the Hecking Podcast.





Hey gang! Here's some shit I discuss today:

- Malmo struggling due to my poor Poopy player

- Waxing on Halifax

- The imminent flood of First Gen Bonus claims

- Aiya being a cute sleepy puppy

- Playoffs?

- San Diego's recent trades



@Jérémy Louchard @samthemancub @eagle_3450 @Otaznik @Adrest245 @samx @jRuutu

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"Jardy Blazing through this"

How 420 of you!



"The cursed Mr.PP"

You are just so attached to the Penalty Box after those Scrabble Grapple ads were added in there.



"The Halifax First Gen Bonus bonanza!"

The STONKS are coming!

Pop It How I Met Your Mother GIF by Laff



"eagle has been unreal"

Unlike you he picked the correct tape brand to side with, as a Team Clue alumni. Probably why he's unreal and Poopy is...poopy.🤷‍♂️



"Sam hype"

It's nice to see the activity and development in Halifax. All the Sams are coming together!



"Improvement Stuff"

That's actually an idea I have for a MS at some point. Looking at which M team does what the M is supposed to do the best. So which team has the best 1st gen activity, which team lost the fewest 1st gens to IA etc. I feel like that would be pretty cool to look at. Not to mention something there should probably be a GM award for in the M, considering that's kind of the purpose of the league.

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