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Accessing the New York Americans Midseason


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We have officially surpassed the half-way point of the season and it's pretty safe to start evaluating team's performances now. To no one's surprise, the Vancouver Wolves are dominating yet another regular season, but the Los Angeles Stars are finally having the breakout season fans have been waiting for. The European Conference has been a real interesting case study this year as Malmo and Moscow have been taken down a peg as teams like London, Prague and Riga have finally broken through and are proving to be dangerous. Back here in New York though, it's been a bit of a let down season to this point. There were some hopes going into this season that this young nucleus could maybe surprise some people and maybe earn the Americans a ticket to the postseason. While players have shown some encouraging flashes at times, the overall result has been a 15-24-2 record which slots them sixth in the North American conference. While they are still better then the likes of D.C. and Chicago, there is still a considerable amount of separation from them and the teams above them in the standings. Perhaps it was naïve to be so optimistic this early into a rebuild. The Americans management still has a lot of work left to do if they want to turn this team around going forward. First and foremost on their agenda in the offseason will be procuring a goalie for the foreseeable future. Beyond that, they need more depth at all positions as well. It should be interesting to see how the team evolves in the seasons to come.

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