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Newcomer Dream Team


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Firstly I want to say this league has a lot of amazing players and I don't want to offend anyone that I don't pick but I am going to base my Dream Team off of stats.  The reason why is because I am new to the league and was not able to see all these amazing players in action and what value they brought to their team. With that being said...

My first player is Unassisted. Having played 576 games in the VHL they managed to achieve 402 Goals, 483 Assist, 885 Points which has them 9th in total points, 3860 Shots, and a +527 +/- throughout their career. Which makes them 2nd in all time +/- just behind the man that has the MVP trophy named after him Scotty Campbell. Having Unassisted on my Dream Team is amazing because they are consistent and considered one of the best players to play the game.


Second Player will be Matt Bailey. 7 time All Star standing at a resounding 6'5". Matt Bailey was the best two-way player that the VHL has seen. 2nd in assist all time just behind Scotty Campbell. 2nd most games played all time with 720 games. 3rd in all time Points scored with 944 which is 30 points ahead of the player behind them. Well said in his HOF induction post "Matt Bailey is the Bryan Trottier of the VHL." This sums Bailey up perfectly he was the player that could play all around the floor and a Coach could always count on him to show up and be ready to play. That is what makes Bailey a player that every coach wants.


Lastly to round out the Forwards I am picking Matt Thompson ( @Beketov ). Also standing at 6'5". Played 576 games in his career having scored 422 goals, 403 assist, scoring 825 points which is 22nd all time. And having +214 +/- over his career, starting off with a nice -69 in his rookie season. Thompson was the player that newcomers wanted to be a great player who was well respected around the league because of his high goals set for himself made everyone in the league strive for better. He was dominant leaving people in his rear view mirror "Tommy Gun" always had one goal and that was to win. Winning over 18 awards throughout his career. Thompson is the poster child when people want to become the best. 


To start off the Defensive position Jeff Downey ( @JeffD ). Like others Downey was standing at 6'4". Downey was a loyal player too the Vancouver Wolves, playing 7 seasons with them and bringing  2 Victory Cups and 1 Continental Cup in S74. What makes Downey a player on my Dream Team is the leadership that he possesses. This is important because Downey was able to bring the Wolves back from having a terrible season by staying loyal to the team and trusting the process. Since Downey trusted the head office of the Wolves he stepped into a leadership role since he began his career with the Wolves. This allowed Downey to rely on a youngster core to bring the Wolves a Continental Cup victory in S74. That is what makes Downey valuable. The loyalty Downey showed throughout his career is why I want him on my Dream Team.


The second player on my Dream Team roster is going to be Black Velvet.  ( @Higgins) What can't you say about Velvet the awards and competitions that he has managed to collect are insane! A once in a generation talent that changed the game and how it was viewed Velvet is a five time Continental Cup Champion, two time World Cup Gold medalist and one Bronze medal. Made the Hall Of Fame on his first ballot which is unreal to do. Played 8 seasons in the VHL is one of the best defensive players the VHL has seen and one of the most successful.

and the most important position of all Goalie
Brick Wahl II.  The career that Wahl had is like no other goalie. Playing 938 games with a 525-339 record 64% wr, with a 0.919 SV%. 8 Seasons in the VHL allowed Wahl to pick up not as many awards that his career may have called for but 5 awards in one season is crazy. He will be able to be my rock for the team I just need him to last in the goal and be a brick wall.


Now I think my Dream Team will change as the time goes and I get to meet more people and develop relations with others but this is it. I hope my team can give others a run for their money!

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