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Messed Up Dream

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Brother is home, I already submitted my weekly GFX, this is literally just so I can claim the theme week bonus lol. Don't roast me on this one, I did not in any way, shape or form spend enough time to make it look presentable but with my brother home, it'll have to do, as he's my primary concern atm. 


Edit: also, the title has nothing to do with the people pictured, they would be my ideal dream team this season if given a chance lol, it has to do with how crap this graphic is :P it's messed up. 

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This is fire. Not sure if this is intentional but I love the effects it really gives it that dream-like vibe. The text is sweet, I really like that look of the effects over the text. The effects over the render could be cleaned up to look unbelievable. For example, look how the effect has been cleaned up on Barzal, compared to almost all of the other renders. If the rest were cleaned up like that it would be insane. Render placement is good, I think having the goalie on the far right might have worked better, or front facing, just because he seems a little awkward there. If you were in a time crunch, I would have just desaturated this to make it B/W and did some added lighting effects that could have been like 5 mins or so, that would have tied everything in a little better. Overall, I really love this idea, and sometimes the best sigs are done quickly when you aren't overthinking! 9/10

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