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Games: 271-279

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Game 275 Review


This blowout win from Saskatoon against San Diego comes at the hands of an ex-Marlins star Justin Adolfsen. Generating 8 shots on his own, and scoring on 2 of them along the way.


The final score was 7-0 as Saskatoon got offensive production up and down their lineup. Saskatoon should be proud of their performance as a team, and San Diego shouldn’t be too worried about the loss, as they work towards a top pick.

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Game 273 Recap


Mississauga scored a goal. Ty Heisler scores one on 2 shots. He also got to play 3:20 on the PP and helped kill penalties for 2:45. He also provided a hit and a block. Quite an all-around performance.


Absolutely nothing else happened this game. Don’t even check, just trust me. Mississauga should be proud of their goal and Houston, well, they should certainly think something about their performance tonight. They did some things that could be seen as good. Definitely nothing of note though, mark my words. Ignore any other posts about this game. They are lying.

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Game 279 

Las Vegas Aces vs. Miami Marauders


Today the fans witnessed an exciting battle between teams in different conferences who traded blows the whole game but eventually ended up in a shootout.. Here's how it played out..





Just a minute into the game Vegas gets on the board after a beautiful writst shot on the man advantage by PJ Daniels but it was the Marauders who shrugged off the momentum shift and got themselves back in it after their top scorers danced around the defense for a game tying goal minutes after, thanks to Igor Molotov who didn't give up during a lengthy shift and buries it shortside. Both teams keep pressing giving up chances but the puck finally trickles in again and it's the Marauders Tyler Smith Jr scoring an easy tap in from a nifty pass by partner in crime Molotov to end the period up a goal.





At the start of the period second liner PJ Danirls strikes back against the Marauders to tie things up in similar fashion to his first goal, wristing threw the glove hand on a breakaway chance. Both teams simmer out at this point and conserve energy to prepare for the next period.





Nothing works for either side and coaches match perfectly until Vegas goes on the PP at the 15 minute mark, after some shots its the same name again for the Aces and PJ Daniels completes the hat trick for the lead. Don't count out the other team though because with only minutes left in the game Miami ties it up with a pulled goaltender and a surge that ended with a Charles Wiliams snapshot, the 1st line strikes again.





Well after a great contest of top lines and solo efforts the Las Vegas Aces eventually tire the other team out, with plenty of tools left in their arsenal it's top liner Landon Wolinan who had plenty of gas and scores a creative dangle on the breakaway. LAS VEGAS WINS!

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Game 271 Review:


In this game, we have the Saskatoon Wild taking on the Mexico City Kings in a playoff race type of matchup. This game was an extremely low scoring game, with only one goal coming in this game in the first period by the Mexico City Kings. Matt Rooster ended up scoring his 26th of the season, Assisted by Jason Argos (46) and Tomas Sogaard (27). Mexico City really took it to the Wild in the first period, outshooting them 14-8. Heading into the second though, the Kings would get pummeled by shots, being outshot 11-3, but Brandt Fuhr held the fort, keeping it scoreless for the Wild. Heading into the third, it was a bit of a more even period, with the shots being 9-8 in favor to the Wild, however there was no score. The Wild tried their best to put one past Brandt Fuhr, but it just wasn't enough, as he recorded a 28/28 shutout to lead the Kings to a 1-0 victory over the Wild. My shoutout goes to Brandt Fuhr who had an exceptional game, shutting out one of the best teams in the league.

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Game 279 Review:

In this game we had the Las Vegas Aces taking on the Miami Marauders in another playoff race type of matchup. This game offense was on full display, as the Aces were able to score quickly into the game, by PJ Daniels who got his 13th of the season on the powerplay. The lead would be short lived, as the Marauders would score two goals later in the period, with Igor Molotov scoring his 51st of the season and Tyler Smith Jr scoring his 44th of the season. Heading into the second period, there was only one goal, but it was scored by PJ Daniels who would now get his 14th of the season and it seemed PJ Daniels was going to carry his team single handedly to a victory at this point. In the third, PJ Daniels scored on the powerplay and completed his hat trick, which gave the Aces a lead, but again it was short lived as Charles Williams tied up the score with only 1:50 to go in the game, scoring his 26th of the season. We headed into overtime as Landon Wolanin would score his 35th of the season and be the hero to give the Las Vegas Aces a 4-3 win against the Miami Marauders in Overtime. My special shoutout goes out to PJ Daniels who scored 3 goals to propel Las Vegas to a 4-3 win in OT!

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Game Recap Game #273  Mississauga Hounds v Houston Bulls


The Houston BBulls took advantage of injured goalie Gene Mercier and stacked the goals, scoring four in each period, making it a 12 to 1 final in game #273.  The game was back and forth for the first 10 minutes until a collision between Mississauga goalie Jean Mercier and Hammar Voss in the crease.  No call was made on what appeared to be a clear violation; however, after further review it was determined that the hard hitting Voss was pushed by Hounds Ty Heisler.  Mercier managed to stay in the game, but he wasn’t himself.  As the game progressed it appeared that Mercier may have suffered a concussion, but the concussion protocol was not adhered to and the competitive goalie for the Hounds played it out.


The cheese began just 30 seconds later, when Nine put in his first of two goals for the game.  Scotty Sundin, who also scored two goals dropped one by Mercier after a Luca Accardi missed shot.  Nine and Sundin each added another goal in the first period to put the game at 4-0 after one.


Houston’s Doug Matchett added to the domination early in the second period and Hammar Voss followed up with one of his two goals of the game.  Superstar Ivan Retoslav, slammed home his 19th goal of the season making it 7-0 before Ty Heisler managed to score for the Hounds.  Retoslav’s goal opportunity came after a shot by Hextall was blocked by Mercier; Retoslav recovered the puck, did a fancy toe drag to avoid a Hound defender and flipped the puck into the air and slapped into the lower corner for a goal.


The Bulls were up 8-1 going into the 3rd period.  They continued to pound a battered Mercier with 4 goals on 10 shots in the period.  The goals came by AirRig GoodBrand Sun, Phoebe Bridgers, Hammar Voss, and Ayomide Ayodele, all before the television time out at the midway point.  At the break, Mercier went to the bench and told the team doctor, Dr Quincy, checked Mercier who was complaining that there was something pinching his neck.  The equipment manager pulled on the pads and found a sharp plastic wedge that had broken off and was pushing on the lower part of Mercier’s neck.  Mercier skated back on the ice without pain and a clear head.  He was back in true form and stopped all of the Houston shots from that point forward.  It was a freak accident that caused this and Mississauga GM regrets not taking care of the issue early on as his team suffered an embarrassing loss.


Mississauga and Houston play again in game #282, which will surely not have the same outcome.  Ivan Retoslav is going to have to bring his “A” game for the rematch.  Retoslav says he will be ready for the bout, even with his added responsibility of dealing with Las Vegas Aces issues as the new AGM.

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Game Recap - Game #278 Mexico City Kings vs. Ottawa Lynx


The Ottawa Lynx shut out the Mexico City Kings 3-0 in a hard fought game between two playoff bound teams.  Both teams played hard to a scoreless first period.  The Kings couldn’t capitalize on a  disputed boarding minor by Deron Nesbitt, and complained that it should have been a double minor, but the way Ottawa goalie, Shaun Young was playing in the first period, it wouldn’t have mattered if Nesbitt committed a major.


The goalie show continued into the second period, as Mexico City goalie Brandt Fuhr took a pounding and made some spectacular saves.  His luck ran out; however, when Ottawa’s Chang put the first puck by him, giving the Lynx a 1-0 lead.  Nesbitt followed up two minutes later with a second goal for the Lynx and Ottawa went into the locker room with a 2-0 lead after two.


Fuhr stopped 7 of 8 shots in the 3rd period, but it wasn’t enough as his teammates only had 5 shots in the 3rd and Shawn Young got the shutout for the Lynx.


The third period was exciting, even though there weren’t many shots fired.  Called McKay, Mexico City’s star forward  hooked Svatopluk Puk and it started a lot of pushing and jersey pulling, but none of the players dropped their gloves.  Puk couldn’t wait for McKay to get back on the ice at the same time and zeroed in on the speedy McKay.  Puk ignored the puck and slammed McKay into the boards giving the Mexico City Kings a power play for the last 2 minutes of the game.  Shawn Young stood tall and stopped any attack from the Kings to preserve his shutout.


The three stars were handed out as expected, all for Ottawa.  Bob Robb earned the 3rd star with two assists in the game.  Mikayev Ivanovitch scored a goal and an assist to earn him the 2nd star.  Ivanovitch was also credited with two hits, which were felt by the Kings.  The first star, and hero of the game went to Shaun Young, who saved all 20 shots by the Mexico City Kings.


Ottawa is battling the Miami Marauders for second place in the VHLM Eastern Conference, while the Mexico City Kings are trying to stay in 3rd place in the Western Conference.  They meet up again in game #284.

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