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Trade Deadline Interview with AirRig GoodBrandSun

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We are finally in the final stretch of Season 82 in the VHLM! With the trade deadline just around the corner, we found time to have a short chat with the Houston Bulls star defender AirRig GoodBrandSun @Rhynex Entertainment.


Reporter: Hello AirRig! It's good to see you again! What are your thoughts on the recent trade the Houston Bulls management made for Doug Matchett @jacobaa19?


AG: Hello. Yes, we're been seeing each other plenty lately. Getting Doug was a fantastic trade! Considering we are going for the Championship victory, getting Doug could only help the team! Doug gives us an additional competitive edge and also lessens the burden that Hammer (Voss) @BOOM and myself would have each night.


Reporter: Given that Doug Matchett is a very good defenseman, are you afraid that your playing time will drop? What do you think will happen at the trade deadline for the Houston Bulls?


AG: Not at all! With Doug on our team, we strengthen our defensive core. Hopefully we could add another to our mighty defense, maybe even more offensive talent and perhaps even goaltending. We can never get too greedy right? I trust GM @Moonn and AGM @Arce knows what's best for the team. All I got to do is get on the ice and play my game.


Reporter: Awesome! Best of luck for the remainder of the season and the upcoming playoffs!


AG: Thank you!


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