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  1. 1.Nice. 2.sleep.... 3. My Defence is brutal so that for sure 4.no 5. Goals 6.ill be here until I get bored
  2. Was it a dirty hit by Tkachuk or was it an accident? 

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    2. GrittyIsKing09
    3. GrittyIsKing09


      oh wow. yikes. Number 28 on trending though

    4. ColeMrtz


      Definitely an accident, hate to see an injury like that but it wasn’t dirty 

  3. What’d you expect Chicago is a top team lol
  4. 1. We don’t have to. We are a young group of guys on a brand new team and we’re all having a good start considering the team. 2. Letterkenny. 3. Well I would like to but in the end the fact that I’m even top 3 is amazing I’m happy with my start. 4. Doesn’t matter to me I’m not looking for the outcome I’m looking at how we play. 5. Don’t have one. Mostly country 6. My line mates easily my favourite guys
  5. Oh shit idk why I thought I was tagged my bad
  6. Im editing it so itll be good eventually
  7. ignore this dont know why it posted