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If I recall correctly, the RFA was abolished at some point. I don't know when, but it's gone cause members were so loyal nobody was caring about this option. Literally, the only time I remember someone was using that stuff was Punk when I drafted him like 25 something seasons ago. Basically this was a rare stuff. However, nowadays I see some members who may have used that stuff for funzies so maybe bring this back eh? May spice it up for GM's and that comes from one of em. I expect people saying that is still gonna be useless, but who knows...RFA lives matter!


Other than that, trade deadline over, I created a new guy and I hope he will be a good player. Sirkants was decent, but spending 3 seasons as a backup and overly not caring about TPE earning on last summer did hit him hard a bit. Also, he never was a member of meta team so there's that.


Other than that x2 - Riga Reign wins cause we traded for Alex Johnston so other teams gonna give up for sure. 100% guarantee from hedge.


Other than that x3 - I have no high S84 picks. Oh...

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