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AK92 With da Hoodie junior review thing


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So here it is. AK 92 Wit da Hoodie. The guy who likes to wear hoodies all the time and occasionally plays hockey. Was born in some small place named Limbaži. That's everything you should know about him.


Oh yeah, why he even joined the VHLM in the first place. Apparently he was playing hockey for fun for a long time. The first time he discovered this game was a long time ago. When he was 11, to be exact. Anyways, he never was considering to be a professional hockey player. He was just your regular kid - having fun in sports, computer games and having a ''fuck school'' attitude. He never even was playing in any professional league to this point. Just some local tourneys for fun. Gotta say, he was a pretty good fella. Yes, we all know about the skill level at the local events, but even in his teen years there was something that made him stand out a bit. He really knew how to score and his slapshot was always a beauty. He also wasn't afraid to throw a body at times despite of his rather average body. But still, his had a knack of scoring. A lot. And some people who were watching him play were feeling a bit sorry about the fact he never was considering hockey as something big in his life. Just playing for fun, that's it.


Time flies, the school days were long gone and the hoodie lover was now your regular 9/5 worker. Who was still playing hockey at times for fun. Funny thing though: over the years, he never lost his scoring touch. The opposition goaltending was having a nightmare day if he had to play against AK92. And people were still trying to convince him to at least try. Try the higher rated tourneys, rather than some local beer leagues. He was still not having it.


However, time flies again and our hoodie wearing fella was slowly realizing that just doing the regular job was too boring and he needed to find something other to do. His concerns were valid as he was slowly pushing 30's and just being stuck at the same position as couple of years ago wasn't gonna cut it. That's the part when he finally realized that the hockey may not be that bad of an option. It was clear as day that he way better than beer league. Maybe there is a chance to break it out to the professional league. He never played a single game in higher lever tourneys, but this is the moment when he decided to make that one try.


VHLM, here he goes! Who knows how it ends up. He was a king of local tourney, but anything about VHL/VHLM/VHLE is a different beast. But it doesn't matter. It's just a one try.

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