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VHLE playoff preview


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Well, what do I write today?  Some days 500 words seem like a huge hill to climb for my much needed 6 TPE points.  Well here goes.   


The VHLE season is over half over and there are 4 teams breaking from the pack.  The first two, Cologne and Rome are dead even at 77 points followed by Stockholm and THE Bratislava Watchman neck and neck at 66 and 65 points.  It seems the teams win and lose at the same rate and ground is never gained.   


Let’s start with Cologne.  At 37 W and 14 L so far, they house a very very good team.  Mats Zucarello is playing lights out this year with 36 G 35 A and 71 P.  On defense Zeljko Ronagajec has already amassed 66 Assists, not to mention an amazing goalie tandem with Anime Protagonist and Dusty Wilson.


Rome Gladiators field another championship caliber team led by forward Pekko Viitanen.  With 30 G 47 A 77P he is a shooting machine.  But don’t let the goals fool you he plays with grit too. In 54 games he already has 175 hits. On defense X man is lighting the lamp with 28 goals 31 Assists on a very good defensive team.  In goal they are set with amazing goal stopper Boris Tsezar who boasts at .916 save percentage.  


Stockholm is stacked with talent, and I truly feel that this team is the most dangerous to face come playoff time.  Their defense and goalie tandem are arguably the nastiest in the VHLE.  Bob Beach, The Lock Ness Monster (Great name), Mr Duk, and Seymore Butts roam the blue line, hit bodies, and score points.  In net Ben Dahl has been playing amazing as of late and with a .920 save percentage he is very difficult to score on. 


Now for the Bratislava Watchmen, another dangerous team come playoff time (I am biased).  In goal they have a generational talent in Orion D H Chiester IX.  With 2.73 goals against and a .926 Save % his record of 19W and 12L doesn’t show just how good he is.  He could easily be 29W and 2L with the amount of 1 goal games he’s lost while keeping his team in competitive.  It should be noted that in 54 games the Watchmen have only given up 161 goals, the least amount in the league to date.  


With offensive threats in Finn Davis, Bradley Buzzer, Girts Galvins, and William Groves they can punish teams on the power play and on all lines.  Defensively they are led by offensive power play specialist Bo Johansson who punishes teams when they take penalties.  Followed by always consistent and gritty player Harry Hagel.  Hagel can fight, hit, and score and help his troubled teammates out of a jam in local bars.  Second line defense has Sting Chameleon and Brian “phantom” Payne.   They play a shutdown game and have been off and on with scoring.  If this defensive duo works out their offensive game come playoff time, lookout!    Bratislava struggles with consistency but I (truly biased) feel that this is the team to beat in the S82 playoffs.  



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This is a really well written piece here. I agree, sometimes it can be hard to produce 500 words, but you did it well. To make your article a bit more appealing to the eye you could create subheadings for the team you are talking about. Maybe bold and center the team name with a logo, something like that could help. The other thing I would suggest for the future is tagging the members you mention. It lets them know you are talking about them and it creates traffic to your article. Beyond that, the content is great and was easy to read. 9/10!

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Nice job on this piece! You do a good job at giving an insight into those top VHLE teams, each description is short and concise which makes it easy to read and you do a good job of highlighting the key feature of the teams. Next time, you could maybe add some headings for the teams and colour them in the teams main colour, just to help layout it out a bit neater. All in all, well done! 9/10

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