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Man On Fire

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This is really cool. I like the first one better. I like the idea of adding more lighting, I just think the lighting could have been utilized a little better than the second submission. Anyways, the sig itself I really like. I think you've gotten out of your comfort zone and you've been really nailing it lately. The render effects are cool looking, albeit a little over-cooked. I really love the fire cut-out effect you put on the main render, I thing thats really nice. The overall colouring is great, and improvement on some of your other pieced, the teal colouring is weird as I don't think it's on Stutzle's render or a colour for Houston.. Not sure if it was an intentional decision or not. The only real knock that I don't like is the blurred face placement. I think if you flipped horizontal and placed on the right side of the main render, it would be more visually appealing, plus you could move the main render to the left, and hide the fact that he isn't holding a stick (lol?). But overall I really like, I know I've added a lot of things I would change, but it's only because I care enought o give my input, hope it's not taken the wrong way! 9/10

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