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The Surge of the Las Vegas Aces.


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Man, what a life it has been for P.J. Daniels. His stats are now 16 goals and 19 assists with 35 points and 111 shots. He is proving to everyone that he should be in the ROTY conversation. The Las Vegas Aces have also done well the last time I wrote an article. They have a 26-27 record, which is still behind the Ottawa Lynx, who have a 31-20 record, and the Miami Marauders, who have a 29-20. Perhaps the talk of the playoffs is just spicing up and everyone on that team needs to be on their A game for the rest of the games if we want to have a shot to make the playoffs. Pete Mitchell has also been doing well, too. He's got 39 goals, 38 assists, 77 points, and 299 shots. I want to be like him one day, but right now I'm focused on my own progress and what my team can do to win.

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