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Jardy's Hecking Podcast, Episode 10: With Special Guests! Pt. 4


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Lack of structure in podcasting ahead.





In a spur of the moment thing, @samx is back for the 4th part of my 10th episode originally recorded in 2021 at some point. We discuss being Sams, Halifax, calling out VHLM GMs or something. I don't really remember, and unfortunately I don't have time to listen back and check. I also answer @Phil's questions.


Here's a few tags of mentions that I maybe remember or wrote down:

@VHLM GM @Phil @Sam_19 @Azjha_59 @samthemancub

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NGL, I did chuckle a little bit when you were talking about 6th's not mattering when the player you were talking about acquiring in that trade (Martinez) was a sixth rounder themselves! 


Your Sam Army is very impressive though, keep it up!

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