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An In-Depth Breakdown of why Maximus Decimus Meridius aka Beaviss is in fact NOT a CHAD!


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Hello fellow VHL'ers! Welcome to my channel point task for the week. Today I would like to touch on a subject near and dear to my heart. If any of you have burden of having a conversation with @Beaviss, he may have mentioned once, or probably multiple times that he is a "chad" or perhaps even considers himself a "GIGA-CHAD". While you may just take his words at face value, I urge you not to be fooled. This man is a fake. A fraud. A phony. And honestly, most of the time, he is pretty cringe. This is not my opinion, this is straight facts. Don't just take my word for it though, let's delve deeper!


First off, let's look at Beav's player in the VHL, Maximus Decimus Meridius. First off, his choice in player name shows a clear disillusion with comparing himself to the main character of the movie Gladiator starring Russell Crowe. He thinks he is some badass Roman fighter, when in reality he is just a lackluster hockey player, He is playing on the Seattle Bears, which is bad enough, but let's take a look at his stats. In 66 games played, he has 19 goals, 23 assists and 42 total points. Those are some pretty anti-chad numbers if you ask me. But there's so much more to discuss here when analyzing the user behind the player.


Beav frequently likes to condemn users in the community as "NERDS" to play into his chad fantasies. He likes to verbally put down his fellow community members to make himself feel like a cool guy. This is the same person who spent nearly thirty minutes setting up the RGB settings on his keyboard before launching his favourite MMORPG. Also he corrected me on the pronunciation of "Cerberus" recently. But he's not a nerd by the way.  Oh and speaking of that MMORPG, he has logged 97 hours of Lost Ark in less than a month. Again, not a nerd. And while I am on the subject of Lost Ark, he plays the berserker class, which plays more and more into his "chad" false narrative.  The berserker class literally is the most braindead shit-simple class in the game, you basically just roll your face around on your keyboard and kill everything on the screen, quite frankly it's pathetic, but don't tell Beav that! He thinks he is the chad-liest gamer in the world! :)


In conclusion, I ask that next time you are in a voice or text chat with our good friend Beav, you take a moment and say "Hey Beav, you really aren't a chad at all!" This would be doing a great civil service to the VHL community. Sometimes it's important to tell people you care about the inconvenient truths in their lives and that's what we are doing here. Thanks for taking the time everyone, cheers!



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