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Bite Size Berocka #15


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"Podcast Tournament Coming Back!"




"No 3 questions"

I'm unsubscribing.



"Undercover Aussie"

That explains why one of your podcasts was posted under a different name, I was a bit confused for a second there. The I saw the post count, and was significantly less confused.



"Berocka turning into AJ"

Oh you!



"Hiding the figures"

It would just get reverse engineered within a day, like you touched on. The other issue was that obviously the BOG all knew the numbers, so it would give them a very unfair edge over everyone else. Which is a large part of why they just released everything, according to Spartan.


Having played around with the spreadsheet a lot, I can tell you that just knowing the ratios isn't enough though. You need to do quite a bit of spreadsheet nerding beyond that to actually make good use of those numbers. Since there are so many ways to hit the exact same STHS attributes, you can make an identical build cost about 30 less TPA if you pick the "right" path as early as the 500 TPA range.


In protest of there being no 3 questions, I will once again just answer 3 random questions, without telling you which ones.

1) I feel like you've asked this question before, but I guess if I had to choose I would pick the panda in the wellingtons and straw hat.

2) Velociraptor Greg, the other velociraptor is clearly an impostor.

3) I guess I like the orange bag the most? It was too long since I listened to the chip bag color podcast, so I can't really remember.

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