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The Future is Bright in Chicago


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There has been a lot of talk around the league this season about just how bad the Chicago Phoenix have been. Through 67 games so far they have only managed to get six wins, and are poised to end with one of the worst seasons of all time. With that being said is Chicago really that bad going forward?


The future for Chicago is actually looking pretty good on the contrary. S79 first round pick Sunrise van de Schubbekuteveenhas been having quite a good year for the Phoenix and will definitely be a leader going forward for them. In the minors they should have first round picks from last offseason Bo Johansson and The Board Game Clue on Skates coming up as well as defenseman Seymour Butts. Not only do they have a great group of players making the jump this coming offseason they also possess what should be a top of the first round pick which should net yet another player that could make the jump to the VHL net season.


So despite what many have tagged as an embarrassment of a season for the Phoenix there is no doubt that the future is extremely bright in Chicago.

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