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Payne visits old stomping ground


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With a few days off in the VHLE schedule Bratislav defenseman Brian Payne traveled to San Diego to visit family and take his daughter to Lego Land.   The former San Diego Marlin Alum visited the rink and spoke to several Marlin players and staff.  He was bummed to see the Marlins are in a rebuild this year with only 19 wins.  He noted the team was in good spirits.  


He hung around with Marlin’s defenseman Babushka who has had a great year with 20 goals and 57 assists on a struggling team.  Payne wished the team his best and spoke highly of his time as a Marlin.  


Payne met with team management Frank and TheNeonShamen who welcomed him with open arms and allowed him use of the team gym and rink so that he could keep his workouts in before returning to Bratislava.  


Payne wished the team good luck next year and hopes that they can return to Marlin form and dominate the VHLM next year.  

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