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VHL playoff race and playoff prediction


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Playoff race


The fight for the lasts spots for the playoff are still available. Three team are fighting for them, with only two spot still available. Malmo, Moscow and Warsaw are the three team still standing for the two last spot to go to the wildcard round. In this text I will explain who is going to earn their spot in the wildcard round and my prediction for the rest of the playoff.


The Warsaw Predators, they have one game in hand compare to the other two. In those three games they are going against the Toronto Legion in their first matchup, Toronto is not an easy team to play against even if there are not one of the top team this season they are performing very well, but I think Warsaw can take two points against them. The next matchup is against the London United, the top team in the Europe conference and this season their rookies are leading the charge taking the league by surprise, so I think London win this matchup. Now the Matchup, the fourth points game, the taste of the wildcard maybe. Moscow against Warsaw, its definitely the game who I think everything will be decided and honestly it can go ether way.


The Malmo Nighthawks, after a great season last season Malmo are fighting for a spot in the wildcard, they play against the Vancouver Wolves in their final two matchup. Two games against the best team in the league and at the end of the regular season is never easy. Lucky for them they are going to face against the backup goaler, who is still very good, I think Malmo can take two points against them.


The Moscow Menace,  another team who was fantastic last year, but like Malmo did take a surprise hit by the other team competitivity and had a rough start of the season. They are facing against the Calgary Wranglers and the Warsaw Predators. We already talk about the Warsaw game, the game against Calgary is going to be tough for Moscow to win, I didn’t say impossible, Calgary is very well built team on paper who doesn’t lose much.


With that I think all those three teams will finish at 83 points and Moscow and Malmo will play against each other in the Wildcard round.


The Wildcard round


The Wildcard round, we have Toronto against Seattle in the North-Ameriquan Conference and Malmo against Moscow in the Europe Conference. First the North American, Seattle I think will win the Wildcard 3-1 against Toronto. This year Seattle did some great move and have really upgraded their team compare to last year, so I think they will beat Toronto.


The Europe matchup now, I think Malmo will take their revenge on Moscow and win the Wildcard round 3-2. Moscow lost a couple of player and found some too. A bit similar to Malmo who all their defenseman are new players.



The First round


The first matchup in the North Americans conference is the Vancouver Wolves versus the Seattle Bears, I got this series finish 4-2 for the Wolves, you can’t bet against them, but I think Seattle can win some games in this series and give it for their money. The other matchup is the Los Angeles Stars against the Calgary Wranglers pretty much the same things for that series I got LA winning 4-2.


The Europe Conference the Malmo Nighthawks against the London United, London are an fire this season so I have them winning this series 4-1, Malmo can maybe put an upset, but its very unlikely. The other matchup is the Prague Phantoms against the Riga Reign, in this series I got Riga winning 4-3. Its going to be the closest series for sure.


The Second Round


Riga versus London I got London winning the Europe conference 4-2, I think that series is going to be close. In the other conference La against Vancouver I have them going to game 7 and La winning the series 4-3.


The Final


I got LA winning against London 4-2, so La are the new champions of the VHL.


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Really cool to see playoff predictions already, Personally I think Riga could get past London and make the finals (I'm also horribly bias). Additionally, there's a real chance that Malmo misses the playoffs, they have Vancouver twice to end the season and as long as Warsaw can get 3 points in their last 3 games they'll be in if Malmo drops both to Vancouver. That being said, it's not a stretch to see Malmo getting a win today, or Moscow making another lengthy playoff run if they get in as I could see them beat just about any team


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