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(S84) C - Shylo Moxii, TPE: 36

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Yooo Welcome back @ItssYoBoiDaLegend!


Unfortunately, the VHLM is in the playoffs so rosters are locked. Fear not! We have a Junior Showcase tournament that is starting soon. You will be getting contacted by the GMs fighting over you. Get excited about that! If you have any questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to ask myself or any of the VHLM GMs! We want to help you get your footing again. :) 


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Hello @ItssYoBoiDaLegend and welcome back to the VHL!


I’m ctots, the general manager of the Royals in the Junior Showcase Tournament. Our philosophy for this season is centered on bringing rookies into the spotlight and having a great time together. We’ve got all the resources you might need to get your VHL career started off strong, too. If you’re feeling intimidated or unsure of what to do next, let us give you the Royal treatment!


That’s great, but ctots, what about winning? I’m glad you asked, because you’re going to love my answer. We’ve got a secret weapon in the AGM position: @MubbleFubbles, a VHLM GM with a TON of experience. We’re going to make sure to get the best performance possible from our players, and you could be on the roster with us.


The tournament is short, but the bonds are forever - don’t pass up your chance to become royalty! If you’re interested, you can join the team now! Just press the quote button at the bottom of this post and reply with #bornRoyal


Wherever you end up for the Junior Showcase Tournament, I wish you the very best of luck in the tournament. Join the discord server with this link - your team is waiting! See you on the ice!


Edit: nevermind, I'm dumb. Still welcome to the league though.

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