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Jordan Bennet Spoilstakes


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To say that Mr. Bennett has any idea where he's going in the draft is a bit of an understatement. His current agent, Plate, has struggled to keep his clients interested in the league. Markus Schauer retired from London to pursue a career in the DEL. That tenure lasted only two seasons with the Krefeld Pinguine (Not to be confused with the Fischtown Pinguins). 

When we spoke to Bennett about his possible draft stock, he didn't have much to say. 

"It'll be nice to play in the VHLM for a season. It's a bit of a step down from the DEL, but I'm hoping that VHL teams will be able to see me with this much exposure. That's the dream to end up in the VHL. I don't care where I end up in the draft. That's not important. Hopefully, I can come into a locker room and contribute for the long term.'


Jordan Bennett has three goals in 6 games playing for the Brigade in the JST. He currently plays third-line minutes with some added special teams time. Scouts report that he will develop exponentially as the tournament progresses. 

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